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Best selling protein shakes

We stock the UK's best priced range of protein shakes in a unique variety of flavours with amazing customer reviews. Our protein shakes range caters to all dietary requirements including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian/vegan.

We can guarantee that you will find a protein shake that suits your training and lifestyle goals that also work around your nutritional choices, but if you are not sure we have a specialist team of health and sport supplement experts available by phone or on our live chat to help you choose the right protein shake for you.

You will also find that we are the only sports nutrition company to declare the full ingredients list on our protein shakes, making us the only company that can claim to have 100% ingredient transparency.

Best selling sports nutrition products

Whey Protein 80

Whey Protein 80 is an ultra premium quality 80% undenatured whey protein concentrate from free range, grass fed cows providing an unrivalled combination of amazing taste, best value and proven quality. With 20g of protein per 25g serving and delivering an peerless amino acid profile, Whey Protein 80 is the perfect protein choice to fuel recovery and lean muscle gains.
For 500g

Whey Protein Isolate 90

Whey Protein Isolate is an ultra premium quality 90% undenatured whey protein isolate from free range, grass fed cows providing an unrivalled combination of amazing taste, best value and proven quality. With 23g of protein per 25g serving, extremely low in fat and carbohydrates and delivering an peerless amino acid profile, Whey Isolate 90 is the perfect protein choice to fuel recovery and lean muscle gains.
For 500g

Essential Protein

Essential Protein is our multi source protein blend containing added creatine and amino acids. Each 30g serving provides over 20g of protein making it excellent value for money. It's made from a combination of 80% whey protein concentrate, 85% micellar casein, 90% soy protein isolate and 90% whey protein isolate and is ideal for helping you increase your protein intake so you can gain lean muscle or bulk up.
For 1kg

Diet Whey Protein

Diet Whey™ protein is an advanced weight loss support formula containing over 37g of premium quality protein per serving. Combining a premium quality multi source protein blend with the potent diet ingredients green tea and carnitine along with essential vitamins and minerals, this unique formula is the perfect for anyone looking to cut fat and build quality muscle.
For 500g


Solo® is a ground-breaking, all in one protein supplement designed to promote lean muscle gains and recovery. Providing over 35g of protein per serving with carbohydrates, Creapure® creatine monohydrate and premium grade amino acids, this advanced formula is ideal for anyone looking to build quality lean muscle.
For 1kg

Milk Protein 85

Milk Protein 85 from GoNutrition® is an exceptionally high quality 85% milk protein concentrate derived from skimmed-milk. Consisting of both whey and casein protein in approximately a 20:80 ratio, this supplement breaks down more slowly than other protein sources making it ideal before bed and in between meals to keep you fuelled with vital muscle sparing nutrients.
For 500g
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Diet Whey Essential

Diet Whey Essential is our new weight loss support formula containing over 30g protein per serving. It includes a blend of our best selling Whey Protein 80 and Milk Protein concentrate along with the popular diet ingredients L Carnitine and green tea extract. This formula offers a convenient and cost effective way to consume all the primary nutrients required for fat loss and lean muscle maintenance.
For 1.74kg

Solo Essential

Solo Essential is a no nonsense all in one formula, providing the key nutrients required to support lean muscle and strength in one convenient shake. Each 70g serving of Solo Essential provides over 30g protein, 20g of carbohydrates, 5g of creatine monohydrate and 1.5g of HMB. Solo Essential is ideal for supporting muscle growth and recovery for those looking to increase lean muscle and strength.
For 2.1kg

Pure Mass Essential

Pure Mass Essential is a high calorie weight gainer providing a huge 365 calories per 100g serving from whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, pure fine oats and maltodextrin. Pure Mass Essential takes weight gainers back to basics, providing 28g sustained release protein and 50g carbohydrates from a blend of slow and fast release sources to ensure you get a continued delivery of the calories and nutrients required to achieve your size and strength targets.
For 2.5kg

GN Ultimate Whey™

GN Ultimate Whey™ is simply our most advanced whey protein blend. Combining premium whey protein concentrate and ultra pure whey protein isolate with hydrolysed PeptoPro®, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and leucine, each 50g serving of GN Ultimate Whey™ provides over 38g of protein. This cutting edge protein formula is ideal for supporting size and strength, lean muscle growth and recovery. It is low in fats with only 2.1g per serving and provides only 3.2g of carbohydrates.
For 500g


PeptoPro® is an advanced hydrolysed casein protein designed to provide a rapid delivery of amino acids to the muscles, when they need it most. This unique pre-digested protein can enhance physical performance, endurance and stamina whilst stimulating recovery and protein synthesis. Each 15g serving of PeptoPro® provides 12g of instant absorbing protein in the form of dipeptide and tripeptide amino acids.
For 250g

Brown Rice Protein 80

Brown Rice Protein 80 is a premium quality 80% protein derived from whole grain brown rice and naturally high in the amino acids glutamic acid and leucine. Brown Rice Protein is a great choice for anyone looking to avoid dairy or soy protein sources, and is ideal for anyone who follows a vegetarian or vegan diet.
For 500g - Unflavoured

Pure Mass®

Pure Mass® is a ultra calorie dense weight gain formula ideal for strength athletes or anyone looking to build quality mass, strength and size without adding unwanted fat. Packed with over 450 calories and providing over 43g of sustained protein per serving, this nutrient rich formula is among the leading mass gainers to hit the sports nutrition market.
For 1kg

Paleo Protein

Paleo Protein from GoNutrition® is an advanced protein blend providing 27.1g of protein per 30g serving from Beef Protein Isolate 97 and Egg White Protein 80. With only 0.6g of fat this premium protein blend is sourced from only beef and eggs making it ideal for those who follow the Paleo Diet.
For 1kg

Beef Protein Isolate 97

Beef Protein Isolate 97 is an advanced 97% protein sourced from hydrolysed beef protein. It provides a massive 29.1g of protein per 30g serving and is free from carbohydrates whilst providing only 0.6g of fat per serving. Beef Protein Isolate 97% is a great source of the amino acids glutamic acid and arginine and is dairy, soy and gluten free making it a great choice for those with allergies or for those who look to avoid these food types, such as anyone following the Paleo Diet.
For 1kg