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GoNutrition® Academy

At GoNutrition® we’re dedicated to helping you to reach your personal and professional goals. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, model or personal trainer, we know how important quality nutrition is. We also know that whilst you are trying to climb the ladder of your chosen industry, buying supplements can be difficult.

So, to support up and coming talent, who are passionate about the GoNutrition® brand and committed to their training, we have launched the GoNutrition® Academy - designed to help you become a GN™ Champion. Whatever your ambition, we’re here to support your health and fitness goals.

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How it works

Who is the GoNutrition® Academy for?

We understand that good nutrition isn’t just important to those in the health and fitness industry. For that reason our Academy is open to not only fitness professionals and athletes, but also anyone who relies on our supplements to help them achieve their career goals.

Whether you’re an aspiring model, personal trainer or athlete, we want to hear from you. We’d also be interested to hear from anyone who has something completely unique to offer that maybe wouldn’t necessarily be associated with sports nutrition.

GoNutrition® Academy Benefits

Acceptance into the Academy gives you access to a number of fantastic benefits including;

  • Exclusive 25% discount code for personal orders (no product exclusions)
  • £10 worth of GN™ Points for all approved referrals using your unique code*
  • The option to convert your GN™ Points into cash
  • Authorised use of the GoNutrition® logo and trademark in social media profiles
  • The opportunity to represent GoNutrition® at industry events
  • Permission to cite membership of the GoNutrition® Academy
  • Exclusive Academy members only promotions
  • The Academy’s top performers will also be in contention for a full GoNutrition® sponsorship in the future
  • Access to a private GN™ Academy members' group where you can share ideas and training tips, as well as take part in exclusive competitions
  • The opportunity to appear in posts on The Pulse™ which will be promoted across all GN™ social channels
  • Receive training and nutrition advice directly from our in house GoNutrition® expert advisors

GoNutrition® Academy requirements

Don’t worry there isn’t a long list of requirements, but to qualify for the GoNutrition® Academy you must have demonstrable status as up and coming talent in your chosen field.

All that we ask is that you use your passion and influence to refer people to GoNutrition® and that you write regular blog posts for us on your training and sporting success.

You know how good our products are, and we'd like you to make sure everyone else does, too.

What you need to do

Being part of the Academy is fairly easy. We'll provide you with an income to spend on supplements and a platform for exposure, all you need to do is refer customers to us and provide your fans with regular updates about your training and nutrition. We may also ask you to provide some written or video content for GoNutrition® social channels and blog posts on occasion.

Referring new customers
To enjoy the full range of benefits of being in the GN™ Academy, each month we need you to refer two new customers to GoNutrition®. Give them your unique GN™ Academy referral code and they'll get a free bag of whey protein with their first GoNutrition® order when they spend over £10.

Want to apply?

If the GoNutrition® Academy sounds like the perfect scheme for you, please fill in our application form.

We'll be in contact within a couple of weeks to let you know whether your application to join the Academy has been successful.

Terms & Conditions

Key Benefits

Each month, members of the GoNutrition® Academy are guaranteed the below benefits in their first month, or assuming they have hit their targets in the preceding month

  • Monthly 25% discount code on personal orders
  • £10 worth of GN™ Points for all approved referrals*
  • You can also turn your GN™ Points into cash
  • Coverage on The Pulse™ and GoNutrition® social channels
  • Direct access to in-house nutrition advisors

Monthly Requirements

Members are expected to adhere to the below requirements each month they remain in the academy, unless agreed upon otherwise;

  • Minimum of two social media posts per week tagging GoNutrition® and including your own unique referral code
  • Refer at least two new customers to GoNutrition® each month
  • Cite GoNutrition® as a sponsor where appropriate, including, but not limited to interviews
  • Avoid promoting the products or services of other nutrition brands

Further Requirements

  • The Academy is open to residents in any of our delivery locations
  • Applicants must demonstrate their unique position within their field of interest
  • Your discount code is given to you after the first successful month

Failure to adhere to the above terms and conditions may result in your 25% discount code being suspended and your access to the Academy being revoked/rejected.

GoNutrition® reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any stage without prior notice.

*GoNutrition® reserve the right to change or amend the introductory £10 credit offer at any time without prior notice.

Full website terms and conditions apply.