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Protein Brownie Mix

Protein Brownie Mix is a convenient and guilt-free, high protein treat perfect for any occasion. Packed with over 16g of protein alongside luxurious real chocolate pieces - and ready to eat in just 90 seconds - it takes all the hassle out of healthy protein snacking.
For 500g - Chocolate

Extreme Mass Gainer

Extreme Mass Gainer has been specifically formulated for people looking to increase their muscle size and strength. With over 462kcal per serving our Extreme Mass Gainer will help supply your bodies energy demands and help maximise those muscle gains.

For 5kg

Essential Protein

Essential Protein is our multi source protein blend containing added creatine and amino acids. Each 30g serving provides over 20g of protein making it excellent value for money. It's made from a combination of 80% whey protein concentrate, 85% micellar casein, 90% soy protein isolate and 90% whey protein isolate and is ideal for helping you increase your protein intake so you can gain lean muscle or bulk up.
For 1kg

Peanut Butter Deluxe

Peanut Butter Deluxe ™ is a game-changing addition to the GN® food range. High in protein and healthy fats, this product provides a sustained release of energy. 100% natural flavours have been used to produce these nut butters which quite frankly taste phenomenal. The humble peanut has been changed forever!
For 500g

Diet Whey Isolate

With only 85 Kcal and 20g of protein per serving, Diet Whey Isolate is our leanest and meanest whey protein in the range. With added Green Tea Extract and Guarana providing 30mg of caffeine per serving you can count on an improved focus and concentration with this product.

For 1kg

Organic Whey Protein

Our caring product team have ensured our organic whey is sourced only from the best certified organic dairies, where cows are free to roam the vast pastures.

The whey is gently filtered at low temperatures resulting in creamy neutral tasting organic whey protein, a perfect option in many food applications.

For 500g

Pro-Crunch Bar

Pro-Crunch bars are a great tasting, high protein snack perfect for anyone looking to replace unhealthy snacking in their diet. They combine a rich, luxurious taste with high protein, high fibre and a unique vitamin & minerals blend to fuel muscle growth and recovery. Each Pro Crunch Bar is crammed with 14g of protein and just 222 calories, meaning they make a guilt-free meal replacement at any time of day.

For 9 x 58g - Triple Chocolate

Protein Flapjack Mix

We've all watched the Bake off and thought i'd love to do that right? Well the wizards in the GN Kitchen have created you a mix to wow your friends and most importantly your belly. An exceptionally easy to use baking mix to create up to 12, great tasting high protein snacks.

For 200g

Truestart Performance Coffee

TrueStart Performance Coffee has taken the power of coffee, and re-designed it for sport. It's awesome coffee, perfectly caffeinated to boost your performance

For 100g