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Almond Butter Snack Jar

Almond Butter Snack Jar | A protein treat for when you deserve an almond butter boost

27th May 2016

A creative way to make a great evening snack which will stop you craving any of those sugary alternatives. A big thanks to Adam (FoodAndFitnessAlways) for creating this recipe and letting us use it.


1 tablespoon GoNutrition Almond Butter
1 scoop GoNutrition Whey Protein
50g Whole Porridge Oats
1 teaspoom Chia Seeds
1 tablespoon Maple Syrup
50ml Coconut Milk


- Add all of the ingredients into a small mason jar or container.

- Shake well or mix together with a spoon until ingredients have fully combined.

- Leave for 5-6 hours in the fridge (or overnight). The snack jar will then be ready.


Protein - 31.3 g

Carbs - 53 g

Fats - 16 g

Calories - 447 kcal