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Super Antioxidant Green Smoothie

Super Antioxidant Green Smoothie | Packed full of vitamins and minerals

10th September 2015

If you're in need of getting more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet, this smoothie would be perfect for you.

Packing in some of the most powerful superfoods known to man, this smoothie is full of essential vitamins and minerals, whilst still tasting great.

You can even add in a scoop of your favourite protein powder to make a fantastic breakfast smoothie that will help you recover from training, and keep you going until lunch.


1/2 tbsp Banana Powder

1 tbsp Banana Pieces

8 medium Scoops Flaxseed Powder

1/2 tbsp Wheatgrass Powder

1 tbsp Kale Powder

1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt

Water or skimmed milk


1/2 Scoop Banana Whey Protein 80

Handful Freeze Dried Strawberries

Handful Freeze Dried Bananas


1. Simply add all of the ingredients into your blender and blitz for 30-45 seconds

2. Pour into a glass and drink

Macros (per serving):

Protein - 25g

Carbs - 1g

Fats - 2g

Calories - 129 kcal