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Total innovation

At GoNutrition® we fully understand the importance of innovation and our previous experience in the sports nutrition market has shown how crucial it is to consistently improve and innovate.

For this reason, you can be confident that GoNutrition® will sit right on the cutting edge in everything we do.

SQ Pouch™

GoNutrition SQ Pouch™

Packaging is key. We have innovated and developed a flat based, foil-lined pouch, with a side gusset - very different to the standard pouches used by the majority of brands in the sports nutrition market.

The side gusset has allowed us to include a fill line, complete with re-order indicator. And, to make ordering your new supplements a little easier, we have added a QR code.

On our largest pouch size, we have added another great new feature - a zipper to reseal the pouch with and keep your product extra fresh. It is also much easier to re-seal compared to the "press seal" found on most other pouches. We love this innovation and are sure that you will, too.

Also, don't forget that all pouch products come complete with a FREE scoop for total convenience.

Our site

Easy to use website

A lot of thought has gone in to As customers, we know that there is nothing worse than a clunky website where everything is hard to find and checking out requires a degree in computing.

All our products have been carefully set up to ensure you can navigate your way through the site using a selection of search filters – much like the way you find your way around popular clothes websites.

If we sell it, you'll find it. If not, our customer services team are available via live chat, email or 'phone should you require any additional assistance.