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Weight gainer supplements for women

While many weight gain supplements are aimed at men, at GoNutrition® we stock a range of products that may aid women looking for help in gaining mass. Our range of weight gainer supplements for women are aimed at increasing overall lean muscle mass rather than simply just adding weight at any cost.

Although some weight gainer supplements for women may focus purely on adding size, our products are designed to avoid increases in excess fat. Instead our weight gainer supplements are focussed on developing functional mass. From Pure Mass through to our Complete Meal formula, our range of weight gain supplements are ideal for women looking to add extra size.

Weight gainer supplements for women

Bulk Up Bundle

The GoNutrition™ Bulk Up Bundle contains six specially selected products designed to support gains in size, strength and mass. This advanced bundle combines a huge 2kg of our calorie dense, high protein gainer Pure Mass™ with premium quality, proven ingredients such as milk protein concentrate, creatine monohydrate and taurine to help speed recovery and fuel muscular growth. Offering a fantastic saving on the RRP, this bundle is a great choice for those looking to bulk up.
For 500g - Unflavoured

Pure Mass®

Pure Mass® is a ultra calorie dense weight gain formula ideal for strength athletes or anyone looking to build quality mass, strength and size without adding unwanted fat. Packed with over 450 calories and providing over 43g of sustained protein per serving, this nutrient rich formula is among the leading mass gainers to hit the sports nutrition market.
For 1kg

Pure Mass Essential

Pure Mass Essential is a high calorie weight gainer providing a huge 365 calories per 100g serving from whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, pure fine oats and maltodextrin. Pure Mass Essential takes weight gainers back to basics, providing 28g sustained release protein and 50g carbohydrates from a blend of slow and fast release sources to ensure you get a continued delivery of the calories and nutrients required to achieve your size and strength targets.
For 2.5kg

Complete Meal

The GoNutrition® Complete Meal meal shake is a comprehensive nutritional formula providing the highest quality protein, carbohydrates and fats with 14 vitamins and minerals. Specially developed for those who lead a busy lifestyle, or struggle to reach their macronutrient targets with whole foods alone, our Complete Meal meal shake delivers over 40g of protein per 80g serving, and is designed to offer a similar macronutrient profile to a balanced meal. Complete Meal comes in four great flavours, from Maple Syrup and Pancake to Vanilla Ice Cream.
For 2kg

Whey Protein Porridge

Whey Protein Porridge from GoNutrition® is the latest addition to our fantastic range of high protein foods. Providing over 24g of protein from 80% whey protein concentrate and 35g of low GI carbohydrates from premium quality rolled oats, this delicious breakfast porridge is the ideal way to kick start your metabolism and fuel your day ahead. Whey Protein Porridge also provides 25% RDA of 14 essential vitamins and minerals and over 1.9g of beta glucans from added oat bran which help to control cholesterol levels and help to reduce blood sugar rises after a meal.
For 1kg

Whey More Nuts

Whey More Nuts™ from GoNutrition® is an amazing range of whey protein fortified peanut butter with over 50% protein content. Available in three delicious flavours; Choc Peanut, Choc Coconut and Cinnamon Spice, Whey More Nuts™ are handmade right here in the UK using only the best quality nuts, whey protein isolate and natural flavours and sweetener. Not only do Whey More Nuts™ fortified nut butters taste amazing, they are the perfect healthy, high protein snack to support your diet and training, and can help contribute to muscle growth.
For 500g

Pure Fine Oats

GoNutrition™ Pure Fine Oats are 100% natural finely ground oats. Scoring low on the Glycemic Index (GI), oats are ideal for providing a sustained energy release to keep you fuelled throughout the day. Perfect for bulking and adding high quality calories to your diet, Pure Fine Oats offer a cost effective, quick and convenient way to kick start your day and are also a fantastic source of fibre, vitamins and minerals.
For 1kg

Almond Butter

GoNutrition® Almond Butter is made from 100% natural roasted almonds, to produce a delicious and nutritious snack ideal for spreading on your favourite foods or adding to your shakes and smoothies. Almonds are blanched and roasted, then crushed to a smooth consistency to produce this high protein, calorie dense nut butter which is free from added salt, sugar and oil, and packed vitamins, minerals and healthy unsaturated fatty acids.
For 1kg

Original Protein Flapjacks

Original Protein Flapjacks are new and amazing tasting high protein flapjacks delivering a huge 18.6g of premium protein per flapjack. Baked just like traditional homemade flapjacks, loaded with real chocolate chips and finished with a delicious chocolate coating the Original Protein Flapjacks really hit the mark on taste whilst contributing to lean muscle growth. Original Protein Flapjacks are ideal before training to fuel performance or post workout to replenish carbohydrate stores and deliver much needed protein for muscle growth and repair.
For 12 x 75g

Protein Cookie

GoNutrition® Protein Cookies are a delicious soft baked cookie providing 37.5g of protein per serving. Specially developed to deliver 50% protein, these great tasting and nutritionally balanced cookies are the perfect snack for before or after training, or when you are on the go. There are 12 delicious cookies in every box.
For 12 x 75g

Muscle Bar™

Muscle Bar™ protein bars from GoNutrition® are amazing high protein bars providing 30g of protein per 80g serving. These delicious high protein bars have a soft, moist centre with a smooth milk chocolate coating, making them a fantastic alternative to traditional chocolate and sweet snacks. Muscle Bar™ protein bars support muscle growth and contain complex carbs from maltodextrin, making them great to eat before and after your session.
For 12 x 80g
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Our weight gainer supplements for women offer comprehensive nutritional formulas and contain the highest quality protein, carbohydrates and fats in addition to a range of vitamins and minerals. These weight gainer supplements are especially beneficial to those who lead a busy and active lifestyle, and come in a range of tasty flavours.

Weight gainer supplements are also ideal for those who often struggle to meet their daily macronutrient targets from whole foods alone. Products like our shakes, bars and snacks are ideal for women who lead busy lives and need extra help upping their calorie intake throughout the day.