1 hour after Eating a Big Mac this Happens...

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Big Mac|Big Mac

Big Mac|Big Mac

Fast food, burgers and supermarket junk food are some of the cheapest food around so it's no surprise that they are still hugely popular despite years of research showing how much hard they REALLY do to your body. The following infographic published by FastFoodMenuPrice shows that within just 60 minutes of eating a standard Big Mac the damage has already been done. Big Mac  

Breaking down the Big Mac

With our brains and bodies craving high calorie foods, it's no wonder that the 540 calorie burger is one of the most popular fast food orders on the planet.  

After 10 minutes:

Within just 10 minutes of taking your first bite, the brain's reward system releases Dopamine which creates feeling of happiness and satisfaction. This feeling of pleasure is what we become addicted to and explains why so many people are eating food that they know can shorten their life expectancy.

After 20 minutes:

Addictive sugars are now making their way through your body. These crave inducing additives are not only addictive but also highly damaging to your body with possible outcomes such as obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. And these are just the sugars that are found in the bun!

Once half-an-hour has passed:

Salt is now creating a spur of dehydration causing your body to crave more food and liquid. These cravings will convince you to reach for the nearest beverage, and this is usually a sugary drink that comes with your meal. Not only does dehydration make you crave liquids and more food, it also means that your heart has to work faster to get oxygen rich blood through your body. This increase in blood pressure can result in heart disease and even strokes.

After 40 minutes:

Your insulin has spiked, the craving for more fast food takes over and with the addition of the dopamine rush wearing off, it is hard to ignore the craving. The high fructose corn syrup is quickly absorbed so the remaining insulin spike creates a sense of hunger.

The 1 hour mark:

Digestion has slowed to a near halt. The greasy and high trans-fat burger can take over 72 hours to digest. It takes around 51 days to digest trans-fats so the high content of the burger will linger in your system possibly increasing the chances of developing complication such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer.   If you are craving a snack, try a healthier option such as these and avoid the addictive sugars of a Big Mac. This is not to say that you aren't allowed to enjoy fast food every so often but make sure that you understand the risks involved in excessive eating. The next time you want to order a Big Mac remember that you might lose cnotrol of your eating habits thanks to the chemical imbalance that the burger may cause.

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