4 benefits of coconut water

Reece Bradshaw

4 benefits of coconut water|Coconut water has many benefits for training

4 benefits of coconut water|Coconut water has many benefits for training

Coconut water powder is a unique sports nutrition supplement, bringing the goodness of fresh coconut water into a convenient and cost effective instant mixing powder. Coconut water is considered to be ‘nature’s isotonic drink’ due to its high mineral content and ability to rehydrate. Coconut water powder is rich in electrolytes, nutrients and natural sugars, making it a fantastic choice to rehydrate and refuel you during a tough workout.

The benefits of using coconut water powder

#1 Hydration, endurance and overall performance – coconut water is a great source of natural sugars that will help sustain energy levels during training. Additionally, it replaces electrolytes which are lost through sweating which in turn may help delay the onset of fatigue and maintain healthy muscle contractions. Electrolytes lost are used by your cells to carry electrical impulses. When you exercise, you lose electrolytes - specifically sodium and potassium - through your sweat, and they need to be replenished.  This makes coconut water an ideal product to consume regardless of your fitness goals or whether you specialise in a sport. However, it is especially effective during endurance sports such as long distance running, as it replenishes and boosts glycogen and electrolyte stores making you are able to perform optimally for longer. [caption id="attachment_3183" align="alignnone" width="650"]Coconut water has many benefits for training Coconut water has many benefits for training[/caption] #2 Fat loss! – Coconut water has been proven by nutritionists to supress appetite due to its nutrient dense nature which may help create feelings of being full. This can become an extremely useful supplement when trying to lower your body fat and resist cravings to eat more food, or for overall general weight loss goals. Drinking coconut water powder as opposed to other soft or sport drinks whilst undertaking endurance exercise would therefore enable you to burn more fat, instead of switching over to burning predominantly carbohydrates. It would therefore be a useful supplement for those of us that want to shed some fat in the New Year or as a useful supplement for the summer! #3 Complementary combination with other products – don’t think that you can only have to have coconut water on its own, it is very easily mixable with many other products. In particular preworkout or amino acids, for example, are incredibly comprehensive but you can enhance it with coconut water powder to gain an athletic edge over the competition or to help break training plateaus. Specifically, amino acids mixed with coconut water can assist you to battle through your workout by the amino acids preventing muscle breakdown due to the lack of your body's nutrients at this point. This goes along with the rehydration aspects of the coconut water, making this a great combination for pushing your body to its limits and finding the results you want. #4 Taste – at some point all of us have become bored of the same taste of water. Coconut water has been reviewed by many however to having a great taste! As the product extracted is from coconut, it gives a fantastic natural taste. Along with this, it is very easily made by just mixing 7g of powder along with 100ml of water to get the natural and refreshing taste. Finally, its low calorie profile makes it ideal for those after a great tasting and beneficial drink without it affecting the hips. YOUR VIEW: Do you use coconut water? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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