How to involve your family in fitness

Tiffani Barrett

|5 ways to get your family involved in your fitness journey|Try booking a healthy family holiday...|Cooking together as a family is always fun!

|5 ways to get your family involved in your fitness journey|Try booking a healthy family holiday...|Cooking together as a family is always fun!

It's so much easier to stick to something if everyone in your household is trying to do the same. So getting the family involved in your fitness journey is one of the most important and helpful things you can do. More people = more ideas, and you'll have a whole new support network. Once your family start to feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, they'll be encouraging you even more. You will be your family's inspiration to keep fit, stay healthy and change their lifestyle for good. Here are 5 ways to get your family involved in YOUR fitness journey:

#1 - Shop Side by Side

Spend some time with your family looking up new recipes to try. Pick some for the upcoming week, plus healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks, and create a shopping list. Also make sure you check out supplements to enhance your meal and exercise choices. Then go shopping together. By wandering the supermarket aisles with family members, you will be sub-consciously stopping each other from picking things off of the shelves that aren't on your list. You'll stop each other picking up those naughty treats as well.

#2 - Cook Collectively

Cooking together as a family is always fun! Once you and your family have gathered all of the ingredients, make sure you spend the time to create the dishes together. It will be a learning curve for everyone, so get involved, write recipes down and learn new culinary skills. You'll soon figure out your favourite dishes and maybe even make one your speciality. Use a 'Come Dine With Me' approach to the cooking - one member of your family cooks a different dish each day and then you can cast your votes! Put some fun back into the kitchen!

#3 - Family Fun

Who said exercise had to be boring? Create some fun with your family by coming up with some fresh ideas. Cycle up to the local park and play a game of rounders, or have a Just Dance session on the games console. There are plenty of things that you and your family could be doing to raise the heart rate and burn a few calories. Maybe challenge your family members to the squat challenge, or see how many mountain climbers you can do during the adverts. Every bit counts.

#4 - Book a Healthy Holiday

Try booking a healthy family holiday... Next time you are planning a holiday, consider making it an active one. There are plenty of different things that you can do, including skiing or snowboarding, hiking, watersports or cycling. And you never know, you and your family might end up picking up a whole new hobby, and a new sport that you love.

#5 - Back to Basics

You don't have to be Einstein to enjoy family fitness. Let each member of the family to choose an activity each time. It might simply be going for a swim at the local pool, or a game of tag in the garden - it doesn't have to be clever or inventive - just something to get you and your family moving around! It can be as easy as you all going out to walk the dog through the forest, or running up and down the stairs in the house. Keep it smart - keep it simple.


It really is quite easy to get your family involved in your fitness journey. Make it fun for everyone, and everyone is much more likely to stick around! So, get out there and get your family focused! YOUR VIEW: What do you do to involve your family in your workouts? COMMENT below!

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