9 Tips For Staying Motivated In The Gym

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Don’t worry, it happened to us all. That inner flame which kept you pumped and bouncing to go train, it’s going to fizzle and splutter at some point. Don’t let it go out completely, see this as aspect of your training just as important as nutrition and exercise. Commitment and dedication can be harder things to achieve than improving your physical performance. The biggest guys may not necessarily be the toughest nuts, likewise the 55yr old housewife with a heart condition and dodgy knee might have bags of determination. Sometimes the most important strengths are ones you can’t see. Here’s some tips to keep those wheels going outside the arena even in the tough times.

1. Keep a journal, blog or social media account

This is to document your progress, air your views and opinions, share ideas etc. You will to be able to look back on this at any point when you maybe a bit down in the dumps to remind yourself of just how far you have come.

2. Make some gym buddies...

...or get your usual crew to join you on your fitness journey. Having someone to talk ‘fit’ with is great (we know how sick those mere mortals who don’t lift can get when we are planning gains), you can bounce ideas off each other, push one another that little bit more. Plus, you can’t be posting Aesthetic Crew photo’s without first getting that crew together.

3. Create a music playlist

Mash up some golden oldies with the latest EDM or whatever new school stuff gets you raring to go. Studies have actually shown that listening to music can improve performance by up to 10% plus it’s going to stop those gym people who only seem to train their jaws by chatting all day from chewing your ear off.

4. Watch those great films that make you want to train

Sports films are great (All Rocky’s minus No 5 are standard), or failing that Pumping Iron and Generation Iron will get you up!

5. Set reminders on your phone

Reminding yourself of gym sessions, when to take your supplements or have your next meal. Not really rocket science, but we’re human, we’re going to forget stuff sometimes, utilise the tech you carry every day to help you. MyfitnessPal is a great little app to keep on top of a lot of things.

6. Sign up to a couple of brand subscriptions

GoNutrition have great articles on The Pulse, or keep up to date with your favourite fitness personalities.. Even if you don’t follow them precisely, they’ll send you regular information which you can check out when things are slow, and worse comes to worse they will slowly clog up your inbox which means you’ll HAVE to acknowledge them (like flogging yourself with scented bootlaces).

7. Don’t break the bank, but regularly treat yourself to some nice fitness apparel.

Plenty of websites do cheap cool clothing. We all like new duds and the opportunity to show them off, doing this is killing two birds with one stone, whilst being able to go get swole all at the same time.

8. Regularly stock up on your food and supplement essentials.

Online orders take the hassle away, you can find great deals and tips on how to get the most for your money as well. Monthly orders delivered to your door mean you’re always going to have the best nutrition and stops you from those nasty little pit stops at the supermarket when you ‘forget’ to bring in your lunch.

9. Follow the right people on social media

On your Social Media account make sure you are following those big names in the fitness world, those profiles which drop those handy little tidbits of advice about nutrition etc, even those annoying people who keep posting those overly used fitness memes, pictures and videos. We all spend an abnormal amount of time aimlessly scrolling through feeds so why not keep pumping those messages into your brain. This article was brought to you by Alexander Leonard.

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