A sneak peek inside GoNutrition HQ

Oliver Cookson

One thing that has always been very important to me is being transparent with our customers. I think we led the way with that at Myprotein ® ever since I launched the business in 2004. It is key for me and certainly a core value that I will be ensuring we use at GoNutrition™. Below are a couple of quick photos from our HQ (warehouse and office).

Our warehouse

GoNutrition's warehouse - a work in progress This is our warehouse that is a little under 20,000 sq ft. This photo was a few months ago (I will try and get a new photo soon), but as you can see the racking is nearly all up with plenty of room for expansion as demand grows. Even our racking matches our brand colours (this wasn't by design haha).

Our office

photo Again this from a few months ago, but this is inside our busy and vibrant open plan office. We are working great as a team and there are plenty of laughs along the way!

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