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Why GoNutrition offers the best value and pricing

  The website is now live and you can all now see our full proposition. I feel that it is important to give you an overview of our key pricing and overall value offering, as the question has been raised a few times on social media.

Whey protein pricing

I'll start with one that high up in most peoples shopping list – Whey Protein. For example a 1kg pouch of Go Whey Protein 80™ is: Unflavoured - £14.99 Flavoured - £16.99 Prices that are a much less of those charged by retail brands and extremely competitive in the online environment given our overall offering:

ProBlend 5™

There is also Problend5™ which is a premium protein blend, sustained release protein blend which combines 5 premium protein sources with muscle building amino acids and essential fatty acids (EFAs). A blend of protein has shown to be more beneficial than a single source. This advanced protein blend is like no other on the market today: GoNutrition™ does not aim to make the cheapest product, it aims to make the best while still offering unbeatable value for money. I firmly believe that we offer a superior product and a service that you won’t find anywhere else at such fantastic prices. Also keep an eye out for our strong promotions – we have just run one, customers who pre-registered with us will get a 15% off discount code, or in other words, £12.74 for 1kg unflavoured Go Whey Protein 80™! These strong promotions mean you’ll rarely pay full price if you want to plan your supplement shopping.

Not forgetting the rest

You won’t be disappointed. We are extremely competitive on all key product lines and I can personally promise that we will do everything we can to offer our customers exceptional value for money on all future launches. Here’s how we compare to some of our direct competitors on some other key products:


Competitor A

Competitor B

iBCAA 500G




Glutamine 1KG




Maltodextrin 1KG




Creatine 1KG




Male Multivitamin (240 tabs)




At GoNutrition™ we are committed to value, offering premium quality at great prices, exception service and leading edge innovation. We will be launching some fantastic new products and features in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! I truly believe the overall experience you will have with GoNutrition™ will not be matched anywhere else and we are committed to ensuring we deliver.
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