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Blog: The Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are one of the latest and most exciting products to hit the market, and could help you to burn fat, ramp up your metabolism, boost your energy and generally maintain good overall health. There are a wide variety of products which offer some or all of these benefits with varying levels of success, but it is not often that a wholly natural product like raspberry ketones can help to boost your weight loss without the addition of any artificial colours, preservatives or other chemicals.

What are the benefits of raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones are an extract from the popular summer fruit containing a high level of antioxidants and other substances, all of which research has shown could assist with weight loss and high energy levels. Antioxidants like anthocyanin and quercetin and known to reduce swelling and inflammation, but an abundance of ellagic acid can also help to reduce oxidative stress within the body. On top of this, raspberry ketones have been linked to the increased production of adiponectin in the body – a protein compound that is produced by fat cells. Adiponectin plays a major part in appetite reduction, can increase overall energy levels, and helps to ensure that calories are metabolised as opposed to stored as fat tissue. [caption id="attachment_3035" align="alignnone" width="547"]Raspberry Ketones can bring many benefits to your training Raspberry Ketones can bring many benefits to your training[/caption]

Is there evidence of there being benefits of raspberry ketones?

As is the case with some lesser-known supplements, the general interest in and use of raspberry ketones by individuals looking to lose weight or stay in good shape has not been matched by clinical studies in the scientific community. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for the benefits of raspberry ketones, and here at GoNutrition we have heard only positive feedback from customers testing out this natural aid for weight loss, but there have been only a handful of scientific studies that have actually analysed the physiological effects of the supplement. Several studies were carried out to measure the effects of raspberry ketones on small animals which were being fed a high fat diet and had reached the point of obesity.  The research, which was carried out in Japan in 2005, showed that the supplement helped to reduce body weight and fatty tissue by speeding up the animals’ metabolic rate. Although there has not yet been scientific research measuring the effect of raspberry ketones on humans, our technical knowledge of the compounds in conjunction with the success stories of many users has made raspberry ketones one of the most exciting supplements available for weight loss today. [caption id="attachment_3031" align="alignnone" width="620"]Use raspberry ketones to aid with your fat loss goals Use raspberry ketones to aid with your fat loss goals[/caption]

How can I enjoy the benefits of raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones are available from online health and supplement specialists like GoNutrition in two forms – powder and capsules. The dual consumption options make raspberry ketones Each form offers its own distinct advantages, and the ideal product for you will depend upon your own requirements and lifestyle choices, but both forms can provide the same benefits to your weight loss, energy levels and overall wellbeing. Raspberry ketone capsules are ideal for first-time users or those with a lower budget, owing to their low price and ease of use - simply take two of the vegetarian-friendly HPMC tablets every day, without the need to measure a serving on each occasion. On the other hand, raspberry ketone powder is the ideal choice for those looking to make a larger – but better value – investment. The powder is easily mixed with water, and a regular 250g pouch will provide up to 2,500 servings for as little as £29.99. But whichever form you choose, you can be sure of the potency and purity of the extract when you buy from sellers like GoNutrition who use only the leading manufacturers and suppliers of supplements. For more information on raspberry ketones, why not check out GoNutrition's capsules or powder today?
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