BLOG: The confusion around whey

Matt Turner

whey protein powder|BLOG: The confusion around whey - Go Diet Whey

whey protein powder|BLOG: The confusion around whey - Go Diet Whey

whey protein powder

Clearing up the confusion around whey

There is a lot of confusion around whey so let's simplify things - whey protein is one of two types of proteins derived from cows' milk, with the other being casein. It is absorbed faster than other forms of protein making it an excellent choice for people seeking training adaptations. Put simply, we know protein is essential for growth and repair of all muscle cells, however consuming food alone, the vast majority of us struggle to consume the amounts of protein required for positive training adaptations through foods alone. To gain improvements, people who work out 3-5 times a week they need approximately 0.45-0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day (depending on experience of training and training intensity). However, food which is particularly high in protein doesn’t always offer enough to meet this demand (1 x standard egg 5-6g, 1 x standard 3oz chicken breast 25-28g), hence the need for protein supplements.

Why Whey?

As explained by GoNutrition, whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of any dietary protein, which means it has the correct proportion of amino acids required by our body. It also appears to have a synergistic effect with carbohydrates, which increases nutrient delivery and glycogen replenishment vital for recovery. If you weren’t already convinced, whey protein has been proven to help lose fat whilst preserving muscle. Studies have shown diets substituted with whey protein aided in a significant amount of body fat loss whilst preserving muscles. Whey has also been found to help reduce hunger, as protein takes longer to digest than other food sources and so curbs that hunger craving for longer. People who consume whey protein have even shown signs of experiencing fewer symptoms of depression, research has concluded that there were likely changes in the brain serotonin from supplementing with whey. Although we know that exercise can improve your immune system, evidence suggests that supplementing with whey protein post-exercise can further improvement.

Professional Use

Working with the Sports Science departments of professional and national football squads the use of whey protein post-match and post-training is adamant in their nutritional plans. This is due to quick nature at which whey protein is absorbed. Even though a rich protein diet isn’t needed for professional footballers it is still utilised for recovery, building and strengthening muscles in order to develop muscle endurance and explosive power. Hopefully this has helped clear up any confusion around whey you may have had.

Personal Results

GN Diet Whey

GN Diet Whey™ is an advanced weight loss support combining a premium quality protein blend with the potent weight loss ingredients, green tea and carnitine. I found that meeting three doses of around 28g of protein daily, with 15g of GN Diet Whey an hour prior to training and a further 15g half an hour post-training, on a regime of four days a week I went from 18.4% body fat and 87Kg to 15.5% body fat and lost 4kg in overall weight but had gained 0.5kg of lean muscle over a period of six weeks.

Whey Protein 80

GN Whey Protein 80™ is an ultra premium quality 80% providing an unrivalled combination of taste, value and results. With over 19.5g of whey protein per 25g servings the perfect protein choice to fuel recovery and lean muscle gains. After using up my GN Diet Whey I wanted to further my ‘gains’. I have been taking GN Whey Protein 80 Jammie Biscuit Flavour (the best) for seven weeks, I have gained a further 1.2kg lean muscle mass. I have overloaded more than I imagined, which I put partly down to GN Whey Protein 80. For me another benefit of GN Whey Protein 80 is being able to mix it with water and milk and yet taste so good, I often take it with water as its easier to do on-the-go, yet if I have time to mix it with milk I sometimes use it as a meal-replacement.

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