Bodybuilding supplements: all you need to know

James Bradford

Bodybuilding supplements: all you need to know

Bodybuilding supplements: all you need to know

Bodybuilding supplements seem to be used by huge numbers of people these days, whether they're bodybuilding or just training to get in better shape. James Bradford explains the basics of choosing the right bodybuilding supplements for your needs. By taking one look through your friends' lives on social media it may seem that everyone these days is taking bodybuilding supplements. After all, most people would be keen to grab the opportunity to improve their appearance, strength and overall health. But as someone new to bodybuilding supplements how do you select the products that are right for your body and goals? The first thing to say about bodybuilding supplements is that unfortunately they are not a miracle cure – you can't just take them and have your ideal beach body after a week. The good news however is that by carefully pairing your diet with the right bodybuilding supplements, and the right training, can soon see you achieving the results you want.


One of the main ways of consuming bodybuilding supplements is through powders. Protein powder, one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements, is often formed from whey. However, there are a variety of non-dairy powder options to appease those who dislike whey sourced protein or are lactose intolerant. Additionally, preparing food can be an expensive and extensive exercise in terms of how much money and time is spent. Instead of having to go to the shop to buy a variety of ingredients before cooking them, powder bodybuilding supplements can be instantly mixed with liquid and consumed in a couple of minutes.


Another common way to ingest bodybuilding supplements is through tablets, pills or capsules. Bodybuilding isn't simply about adding lean muscle, but also promoting and maintaining a healthy physique. Tablets are generally confined to the likes of health and well-being products such as multivitamins and fat loss supporting products such as CLA and Raspberry Ketone. Similarly with powders, tablets offer a way of consuming nutritional content that would otherwise involve a massive - and expensive - range of foods, often in a single tablet serving.

When to take bodybuilding supplements

Different bodybuilding supplements can be taken at different times to help improve your physical appearance. For example, there are different supplements to take before, during and after your workouts to help you get the most from your training, or to help you recover quicker and gain muscle. If you are wondering how much of a supplement you should take, the serving suggestion on the packaging will advise you so that you can use the correct amount for your personal training goals. Tablets for health and well-being are generally taken either at the start or later on in the day, whereas powders are often take at specific times around and during the workout. In the main, protein and creatine powder can be taken during and after a workout whereas there are also specific products for pre-workout and intra-workout. Dairy proteins are often taken at night as they slowly release protein to the muscles to keep them fueled, helping them grow and minimising aches and pains. If you're unsure about which products to use, an excellent way to start using bodybuilding supplements is to introduce yourself with a Starter Pack which is set up to support your goals. This will include all of the products you need to begin and will help you to determine how many supplements you might need when you come to reorder.

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