Brown Rice Protein and all its benefits

Annabel Morrod



Brown Rice Protein is a premium high quality source of protein and is a great choice for people with allergies says Annabel Morrod Brown Rice Protein may not sound like the most appealing name - but the health benefits of this product may just make you forget about that. Are you finding it hard to stomach regular protein? Do you suffer from an intolerance meaning you cannot take most proteins sold on the market? Fear not, Brown Rice Protein could be the answer!

Who is Brown Rice Protein for?

Brown Rice Protein is made from a natural source- wholegrain brown rice. It is free from dairy and soy products and it is gluten-free. Furthermore it is suitable for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. It is a great way for people who cannot consume meat-based products to add protein into their diet. Most brown rice proteins are organic too, with very little added sugar or artificial colours.

What are the benefits of Brown Rice Protein?

With a high protein content of 24g per 30g serving, Brown Rice Protein is a great way to boost your protein intake if you are struggling to get enough protein from your standard diet. 24g of protein per serving is actually more than most high street whey proteins, and without the unnatural ingredients! It also contains the nine essential amino acids that your body needs. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and cannot be synthesized within the body, therefore need to be included in your diet. Results show that taking the Brown Rice Protein after your workout can help with muscle repair and growth. This is because muscles can breakdown after intense activity and proteins help to rebuild and repair them. Brown Rice Protein has been proven to improve muscle gains, performance and strength among athletes that train at least three times a week. With naturally low levels of carbohydrate and fat, Brown Rice Protein can help to aid weight loss when introduced to a diet. By adding protein to a diet, it helps to regulate the body's blood sugar levels and prevents them from spiking when large amounts of carbohydrates are consumed. Especially if they are non-complex carbohydrates e.g white bread, pasta. This can potentially prevent your body from storing the foods as fat.

Thermic effects

Also, proteins have a 'thermic effect' in the body. This means they create heat in the body during the process of digestion. It takes a lot of energy for your body to digest proteins, meaning more calories are burnt after eating a protein rich meal. An added bonus of Brown Rice Protein is that it has a good fibre content, keeping the digestive system healthy. Fibre is a key ingredient in our diets and people eating high levels of protein may struggle or forget to ensure they are getting enough fibre. I recommended the Brown Rice Protein to a friend at the beginning of the year as she was finding it hard to tolerate whey protein as it gave her an upset stomach. At first she was sceptical as it is unflavoured unlike most proteins, but she gave it a try anyway. She found her stomach was not upset in any way and she can use it to cook with, bake with or add to lactose-free milk or water to make a shake. She has since recommended it to her friends and family, even those who usually take whey! Overall, I would say Brown Rice Protein is a must-have product to add to your supplement stack!

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