Can CBD Protein Kickstart Your Training?

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Can CBD Protein Kickstart Your Training?

Can CBD Protein Kickstart Your Training?

 When you’ve got fitness goals to reach and personal bests to beat, you’ll find yourself looking round for supplements to help you train harder and for longer. Like most of us, you’ll have found that supplementing your diet and nutrition with extra protein in the form of a protein powder helps you build more muscle, reduce your recovery times, and feel stronger and fitter after your workouts and training sessions.

But is just plain protein giving you everything you need to reach your goals? Or are you on the lookout for something more.

Go Nutrition is always on the lookout for a supplement that’ll help you get to where you want to be, and we’ve found something that powers up your usual protein powders. Something that reduces recovery time, lessens muscle soreness, and lets you train even harder for even longer. It's CBD Protein.

And we’re impressed with what we’ve seen.


What is CBD?

CBD comes from the hemp plant – cannabis. But don’t worry. This stuff won’t get you high. Cannabis has two main active ingredients. The first of these is THC. That’s the psychoactive chemical that will get you stoned, and it’s not something we’d recommend making part of your nutrition programme.

The other ingredient is cannabidiol – CBD – and this can be isolated from the THC and all the other useless plant matter to provide you with a pure CBD isolate. This isolate is used in everything from vape liquid to muscle balms, but it’s most often used as an oil. Many people swear by a few drops of CBD oil on their tongue a few times a day, saying it helps with everything from stress and anxiety to aches and pains.

But it’s also begun to be used by athletes, who’ve found that two of the reported effects of CBD translate to more successful workouts.


CBD for Faster Recovery

Many CBD advocates and researchers claim that when CBD reacts with your body’s internal endocannabinoid system, it reduces inflammation.

Less inflammation means less damage to your muscles and less soreness. That means you can train for longer, and that you can train more often.

If you already take protein powder supplements, you’ll know that protein also provides this benefit, so it’s easy to see why many people believe that doubling down with a CBD protein powder provides even better results.

CBD for Better Concentration

Another claim made about CBD is that it helps keep you calm and focused. As you’ll know yourself, the days when you’re calm and focused are the days when you can work out harder, with no distractions ruining your form, and no worries tempting you to miss the gym and head down the pub.

Many people who’ve added CBD protein to their supplement regime have reported feeling less worried, and more at ease, so that they find it easier to work out on a regular basis and reap the benefits of their training.


Adding CBD to Your Training Regime

If you’d like to see whether CBD protein can kickstart your training, it couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is source some high-quality CBD protein powder (our recommendation and a discount is below) and use it instead of your usual post-workout shake.

Two scoops of CBD protein contains as much as 30mg of CBD Isolate, giving you a solid dose of cannabidiol to help with your recovery and your mindset.

Give it a go today, and you can save 10% off your first order. Try CBD Protein for Yourself – Visit or visit the product directly at and save 10% with the code 10OFF

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