Cheap whey protein - but only in price




Cheap whey protein is obviously something every supplement user wants. Our whey protein prices were competitive when we launched, but now we offer the cheapest whey protein in the UK. Sometimes it's hard to believe GoNutrition only launched two months ago. A lot has happened during this short time. We've launched a shedload of great new products, we've built a massive social following and we've gained thousands of new customers. Our sales have rocketed. That's a good thing for you, because it means that we're now buying whey protein in much larger quantities, so we pay less for it than we did when we first launched in August, and we're passing that cost saving on to you. We slashed our prices a couple of weeks ago to allow us to offer the cheapest whey protein in the UK, and since then, sales have gone up even more.

Cheap whey protein prices

Go Whey Protein 80 Our most popular Go Whey Protein 80 (which is based on whey protein concentrate) has been reduced in price by up to 17%, and is now cheaper than the two market leading brands. As well as the standard unflavoured whey, we also sell Go Whey Protein 80 in 10 great flavours, and we're adding new ones all the time. If you're after a great quality and cheap whey protein, this is the type most people would recommend. Go Whey Isolate 90 Go Whey Isolate 90 is now up to 10% cheaper and we've matched or beaten the two market leaders. This cheap whey protein isolate is based on whey protein isolate with 90% protein and, like Go Whey Protein 80, also comes in 10 superb flavours, as well as the unflavoured powder. GN 100% Whey Protein Our GN 100% Whey Protein has also been dropped in price. This supplement is an advanced whey protein blend of premium 80% whey protein concentrate and ultra-pure 90% whey protein concentrate in an 80:20 ratio, along with various probiotics. You won't be able to find a comparable product for less.

But not just cheap whey protein...

Although we offer very cheap whey protein, the only cheap thing about it is the price. Our products offer a bit more than those of our rivals, and as a business, we like to go the extra mile and really look after our customers. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy your whey from us: Outstanding quality whey protein As with all of our products, we've gone to great lengths to source really high quality ingredients and you won't find better quality protein anywhere else. Our packaging - the SQ Pouch - is also revolutionary and includes a zip lock and a fill line you won't find anywhere else. Delicious natural flavours We've produced some outstanding natural flavours, from Maple Syrup and Pancake, to Key Lime Pie, Turkish Delight and Blueberry Cheesecake. They're getting some really good reviews. If you want to try them, why not treat yourself to one of our packs of whey protein samples which include 10 of the most popular flavours. All of our products are free from artificial colours, too. Other benefits Every powder we sell comes with the right size GN Scoop to help you measure out the right quantity to put in your shaker. Our delivery charges start from just £1.99, with free delivery on orders over £50. You also get GN™ Points with every order to give you money off future purchases, and our customer service is the best, so our customers tell us.

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