9 Surprising Benefits of Cold Weather Training

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Although we don't expect you to jump straight outside and into the freezing cold temperatures, we do have some surprising facts about how cold weather training can boost your overall health and well-being.

You'll Burn More Calories

You'll be pleased to hear that you actually burn more calories by working out in the cold! But why is this? You exert more energy trying to warm up the body, therefore pushing harder to keep your temperature up.

Strengthen Your Immunity

I'm sure that you don't need us to tell you that during the Winter season, people get ill a lot! Not only are there hundreds of germs and bacteria spreading around but your immune system will generally be a lot weaker. Keeping up with your exercise and nutrition will keep your immunity at it's peak, helping you to fight all Winter flu's!

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

You have probably heard it before, but summer bodies really are made in the winter. This is the time to build a strong foundation and work on those weak areas you may have. Having a well structured training regime, a balanced diet and staying consistent will set you apart from the rest when it comes to the new year gym goers.  

You Have The Gym To Yourself!

Well, almost! So many of us dislike working out in the Winter, it's cold and all we want to do is stay at home preferably with Netflix on! This is the perfect time to take advantage of the gym! The leg press that you're always waiting to use? It's completely free to use along with every other machine in the gym! Not only will this reduce your workout time but you'll be more focused and less likely to dilly dally.

Indoor Workouts? No Problem.

Okay maybe we can't persuade you to go to the gym, but that's okay because you can still have a leg trembling ab popping workout session at home! Not only is it super accessible to buy gym equipment these days (TK Maxx and Argos sell lots of high quality equipment) - but there are also tons of workout DVD's and Youtube videos to keep you on track. No excuses!

Comfort Food Can Be Your Friend

During the Winter season, our body's are having to work harder to keep our temperature up - therefore exerting more energy. So whilst during the Summer you're happy to have lighter dishes, your body now craves that extra comfort food, not to mention all the snacks for those movie nights in! Foods with a low GI are great for keeping you fuller for longer such as our Protein Porridge.  

Beat Those Winter Blues

Ever heard of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? SAD is a depression that comes and goes within certain seasons. Those with SAD often experience the 'Winter Depression' which can last anywhere from October through to February. Even if you don't experience this order, it's likely that your mood will change due to the decrease in daylight. In addition, a Vitamin D supplement is often advised during winter months due to the average person in the UK not getting another sunlight, resulting in risk of deficiency. Simple exercises such as going for a run will make you feel heaps better and release those happy endorphin's to help you beat those Winter blues!

Feel The Fresh Air

During the Winter we get into a habit of staying in and purposely not making plans (or not as many as we usually would). We leave the house, get into our car to our destination and vise versa, but we don't actually feel the fresh air. Simply going for a walk or run in the evening will help you to feel less tired and make coming home just that bit more exciting!

Be Someone Else's Motivation

If you're working out during the Winter whilst everyone else is tucked in doors - come the New Year everyone will be looking towards you for that motivation! Whether it's friends, family or people that follow you on social media, you can be that person that helps to kick start others New Years resolutions!

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