Common mistakes made by gym newbies

Elliot Dunn

Common mistakes made by gym newbies

Common mistakes made by gym newbies

For somebody who has very little experience in the fitness world, joining a gym can be a daunting experience. Anything from fears of looking silly, to worries about what exercises to do can be enough to put a beginner off joining the gym.

Don't worry, we've all been there and the majority of us have come through it! This article is packed full of useful tips to help you break through the nerves and assist you on your way to becoming a fitter, healthier and stronger version of yourself.

1. Follow a programme

A huge portion of beginners walk into the gym, with the best intentions, but no actual plan for what they're going to do. Not only can this cause panic when you're stuck for what to do, but it also seriously hinders the effectiveness of your training.

Before even stepping foot in the gym I advise you to look online for a programme specific to your goals. The internet is overflowing with programmes designed to shred fat, build muscle and just about every other goal you could think of! Be sure to pick a programme that is from a credible source; don't just choose the first one you find.

2. Use proper technique

In my opinion, this is by far the most important tip of the article. Bad technique is almost always the cause for an injury picked up in the gym. Despite this fact, many gym goers refuse to take the time to practice their technique.

The most common reason for poor technique usually stems down to the use of too much weight. The importance of technique is much higher than the importance of big weight. You can build on the amount of weight you use as you become more experienced, focus on technique first.

3. Avoid feeling self conscious

From experience, a huge reason people avoid the gym is because they're worried what other gym goers will think. The fear that people will judge you because of your fitness ability is the most unnecessary of all fears.

Everybody was at some point in a similar, or worse position than you. Regardless of your abilities, people will respect you for trying to improve and make a difference. Besides, people in the gym are typically far more focused on themselves than they are on you.

4. Ask for help!

People in the gym aren't going to mind giving you some tips or 'spotting you'. You probably shouldn't disturb somebody who is working out, but there's no harm in asking for help between sets. If anything, they'll probably be flattered you choosing them to ask for help. The last thing you want is to be stuck under a piece of equipment regretting your decision not to ask for a spotter.

5. Don't expect immediate results

One week at the gym isn't going to completely change the way you look or train. It takes months and months of hard work to truly achieve your full potential. Don't get disheartened if there isn't a huge difference two weeks after joining the gym.

You can't expect these things to happen overnight. If it was that easy, everyone would do it! The important thing to remember is that by sticking at it you're bringing yourself one step closer to your end goals.

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