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Common Mistakes Made By Gym Newbies

It is true that everybody starts off as a novice, so being a newbie is nothing to be ashamed about. The fact that you are at the gym and willing to improve yourself means that you have already made the tough decision of joining a gym... Now you have to stick at it! Think of this as a friendly guide on what to avoid.

Common Mistakes Made By Gym Newbies

1 - Not planning ahead The best thing to do is write down what you do at the gym either before or while you are there this is a handy way of tracking the weight you have done in the workout so next time you can aim to beat it. This also means you have a clear idea of what you are going to do rather than just doing a little of this and that while you are there . I spend ages just doing that and didn't see any real results until I got a notepad and started to plan out what exercise how many reps and the starting weight  2 - Comfort zone  For muscles to grow they need to be torn and to achieve this it will hurt (not much but it won't be comfortable) aim to fatigue muscles when training so if that means more reps or weight then do it!!! 3 - I'm not fit enough for a class  Everyone you see doing that spin class started at the same place you are, classes are perfect for gym newbies as you have an instructor pushing you on as well as the group dynamic of wanting to do more than the person next to you. All the main exercises used in classes like squats and lunges are the perfect exercises to do in the free weights area but if you have no idea how to squat it can be very dangerous, by doing classes the instructor will demonstrate and coach you how to do them so see it as a free session on how to squat. 4 - I need to spend hours at the gym each day FALSE!!! 45 minutes to 1 hour is ideal and 3 times is perfect, any more is great! Just remember that rest is just as important as the exercise as your body needs time to recover. 5 - I can eat what I want after the gym  Say you burn 1000 calories on the treadmill well done you but then if you go and get a burger and chips that hard work will be instantly undone. Although you have burned off 1000 doesn’t mean you can indulge, don’t undo all your hard work by sticking to just one treat meal a week, you will appreciate it more and also you will see far better results in your training, especially if your looking to lose weight.   Follow these simple tips on what to avoid and keep checking out the Pulse as I will be updating monthly with example workout plans to keep your training interesting and effective and feek free to follow me on Instagram JmarshallPT for updates and workouts  
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