Introducing Complete Meal meal replacement

Tommy Gaughan



Our new Complete Meal meal replacement shake launched this week. New product development boffin Tommy Gaughan explains what it's all about... Our Complete Meal meal replacement shake is ideal for when you're on the go, providing a balanced nutritional profile with 50% protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Complete Meal is specifically designed to replace a conventional meal and has been specially developed for those who lead a busy lifestyle, and it comes in four of our most popular protein shake flavours. Demand for essential nutrients has never been greater; we work more, rest less, are reliant on pharmaceuticals and eat way too much processed foods and refined sugar which provide very little nutrition and tons of calories. To catch up and keep up with today's extraordinary demands, we must provide our systems with essential nutrients. Our Complete Meal meal replacement offers an optimal balance of nutrients ideal to achieve a nutritious, calorie-conscious, delicious and satisfying meal in one delivering over 40g of protein per 80g serving, designed to offer a similar macronutrient profile to a balanced meal. A meal replacement like Complete Meal is a great way to consume extra quality calories, and as this product is high in protein, it also supports those who are training and those who have high macronutrient targets, such as when bulking.

Why GoNutrition® Complete Meal?

As with all our premium formulas, our Complete Meal meal replacement is developed by our in-house team using the latest nutritional research. It is a comprehensive nutritional formula providing the highest quality ingredients. With a balanced macronutrient profile this advanced nutritional formula provides a ratio of nutrients similar to that of a whole meal. Our Complete Meal meal replacement provides high quality sources of three essential macronutrients, fats and carbohydrates in varying amounts and 50% protein to support an active lifestyle along with over 30% of the recommended daily allowance of 14 essential vitamins and minerals.

What's in this meal replacement?

Protein: Complete Meal provides over 40g of protein per 80g serving from three of the very best protein sources available. Carbohydrates: Complete Meal provides 21g of carbohydrates per 80g serving, the majority of which come from premium quality ultra fine oats. Fats: Complete Meal provides 6g of essential fatty acids per serving. Vitamins and Minerals: Complete Meal provides over 33% RDA of 14 essential vitamins and minerals.

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