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Why you should consume high protein peanut butter

Peanut butter is nothing new - it’s a fantastic way of adding more calories to your food as well as add taste thanks to its range of range of available flavours and textures. Like all foods and supplements, it’s important to keep an eye on your macros because no matter how consistent and intense your training, if you’re not doing an equally good job in the kitchen, it will stimmy the progress of building your ideal physique. [caption id="attachment_2725" align="aligncenter" width="640" class=" "]Peanut Butter can be crunchy (pictured) or smooth Peanut Butter can be crunchy (pictured) or smooth[/caption]

How to consume high protein peanut butter

As a nutrient dense snack, high protein peanut butter can be eaten straight from the tub (if you’re very hungry!), be spread onto your favourite foods such as your sandwiches or even added to your shakes or smoothies to help add more size. You can even use it as a cooking ingredient to add a little flavour to your kitchen creation.

Whey More Nuts vs a market leader

Peanut butter is peanut butter then right? Wrong! As I said earlier, it’s important to look at not just the label on the products you consume but also to consider the source and impact on the development of your physique.

Consider the nutrition

Let’s take a premium high protein peanut butter like Whey More Nuts and compare it with a market leading protein fortified peanut butter. One of the key differences with Whey More Nuts is its protein content - not only is it over 50% protein content (the market leader is sub 50%) but its protein source is premium 90% whey protein isolate rather than whey protein. In practical terms this means your Whey More Nuts high protein peanut butter will be sourced from a protein with less carbs and fat per serving thanks to the extra filtration whey protein isolate goes through in production. [caption id="attachment_2724" align="aligncenter" width="620"]High protein peanut Butter is popular with spreading on your food High protein peanut Butter is popular with spreading on your food[/caption] By the numbers this works out 0.17g of carbs and 0.25g of fat per typical 25g scoop serving, rather than 1.2g of carbs and 1.45g of fat for whey protein concentrate. By the jar, you’re looking at less than 10g of carbs per Whey More Nuts jar versus over 20g for the example market leader- not good for your waistline! Other benefits of Whey More Nuts over a market leading protein fortified peanut butter is to do with its flavouring - it is free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners meaning you can be sure your body is only receiving the best quality natural ingredients. For other benefits check out this table here. [caption id="attachment_2698" align="aligncenter" width="500"]You can't go wrong with high protein peanut butter! You can't go wrong with high protein peanut butter![/caption] In short, Whey More Nuts or any high protein peanut butter is a great way to supplement your diet and keep your tongue guessing over what taste and texture it will enjoy today - go grab a jar!
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