5 Benefits of Taking Part in Dry January

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Dry January... What is it and why should we take part?

Dry January is a charitable fundraising event put together by Alcohol Concern. The aim is to not touch one drop of alcohol during January and to put your willpower to the ultimate test! But, what we want to know is what happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol for an entire month? Don't worry, we've done all the research and can tell you exactly what positive effects consuming no alcohol has on your mind and body!

1. Weight Loss

  Yes, that's right! Weight loss is the most common result when cutting down your alcohol levels.. but why? Let's do some maths.. One Gin and Tonic contains 4tsp of sugar, which is 36% of your daily intake. And chances are that you'll drink more than one right? Have two of these drinks and you've already consumed a whopping 72% of your daily intake! After ditching the booze for one month, one participant from the Royal Free Hospital in London lost a massive 3lbs (1.36kg) - that's almost the weight of one whole chicken! This individual also had reduced cholesterol by 5% and reduced blood glucose levels by 16%! You can track the cost and calorie consumption of your alcohol here.

2. Improved Health

Ditching alcohol comes with many health benefits, including:
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Regular digestion
  • Increased concentration and energy levels

Did you know that drinking alcohol can acutely suppress your immune function, making you more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses (which is not what we need at the start of the new year)?

Alcohol also commonly puts metabolic stress on the liver which needs to be working efficiently in order to absorb fats, cholesterol and vitamins. A weak liver can result in hepatitis, tumors, abscess, cancers and many more damaging factors.

3. Saves Your Hard Earned Cash

Whether you shop at Aldi or Waitrose, the cost of alcohol is always going to add up and have a crippling affect on your bank balance. If you're a regular drinker, you could save anything from £80 to £200 per month from alcohol abstinence! What else could you spend that money on?
  1. Gym membership - max cost around £45 per month.
  2. Fresh food - ditch the takeaways for some homemade grub.
  3. Days out - why not enjoy your days rather than spending the day in bed hungover?
  4. Nutritional supplements - to fuel your workouts and boost your recovery.
  5. Treating yourself - those new gym trainers you've been wanting for months...

4. Clearer Skin

After 3 weeks, you will start to notice your skin looking visibly smoother and clear of spots and blemishes. This is because the toxins in alcohol that make your skin saggy are no longer present. Furthermore, the increased elasticity of your skin reduces the risk of premature ageing.

4. Sense of Achievement

Whether you're cutting out alcohol for your own personal goals, to raise money for charity or to 'give it a go' - the outcome either way will be worthwhile.

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