Easter Indulging - Getting Back On Track

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Easter is officially over and it’s back to work, training, and facing the reality that it's no longer acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast! So how do you get back on track after a weekend of indulging and letting your hair down? Here are our 3 top tips to help you get back on your feet!


Do not throw any leftover chocolate away

Yes, you heard me! Cutting out chocolate all together will not only result in a binge of other sugary foods, but will make you crave the food even more. Not to mention that diet is all about balance. The best thing you can do is to save your leftover chocolate for the weekend (or for your cheat meals) and to mix it in with some of your favourite Go Nutrition products! Why not mix the chocolate in with some Protein Porridge or Protein Flapjacks? Not only tasty but nutritious!   


Plan out your meals before the week starts

It’s Monday, you’ve been busy, and you’ve just got home and realised that you haven’t been food shopping… So what do you do? You go into your freezer, get out a ready made meal and tell yourself that you’ll start tomorrow. Psychologically you won’t be in it 100% and you’ll want to start fresh again next week. This is a bad habit that you need to avoid getting into. Plan your meals the weekend before, go shopping and start prepping your meals. Foods like rice/vegetables/pasta can be cooked in bulk on the Sunday night and will save you so much time cooking throughout the week.


Take your time

Changing your diet is something that you do because you want to do it, it’s an internal drive that you have. Drastically changing your diet without any knowledge behind it can seriously affect you physically and psychologically. Here are the do’s and don’ts to dieting.



  • Calculate your carb, fat and protein intake to make sure that you are neither depleting or over indulging in calories for your desired goal.
  • Take things step by step. Introduce new recipes every few days and find out what suits you and your lifestyle.
  • Measure your waist/back/thighs/arms to help keep track of your body composition (scales don’t differentiate between fat and muscle).



  • Take advice from just anybody. You must seek advice from registered nutritionists or do your own research. But make sure that it’s legitimate journal articles and not from someone's blog! (Unless they are very experienced).
  • Change everything too quickly. Change is something that you need to adapt to, you want to be familiar with it and not rush into a diet as this can implicate serious health issues.
  • Worry! Good things take time, it’s so crucial to understand this. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t look a certain way or you can’t lift a certain weight by a certain period. Set yourself goals yes but don’t take a step back if you haven’t gotten there yet.

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