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Ever wondered what the pros eat to maximise their performance and recovery? Well wonder no more... Since launching in July 2016, our Freshly Prepared Macro Meals have been a huge hit, feeding everyone from avid gym goers to professional athletes to busy, on-the-go office workers who lack the spare time required to prepare their own healthy meals at home. And today the guys at Crawley Town Football Club become the latest addition to the GN team - as we become their official post-match meals supplier for the 2017/18 EFL League 2 season!

The Role of Nutrition in Professional Football

The role of nutrition in professional football has always been of great importance. However, with the physical demands of match play and increasingly congested fixture schedules, fuelling and recovery are as crucial as ever. Marc Lindsey - Crawley's Head of Strength & Conditioning - knows this all too well, and believes the meals are a perfect fit. "Our partnership with GoNutrition ensures that we can not only provide our players with quality meals, but conveniently prepare and enjoy them within minutes of the end of the game. Their menu options are appetizing and appealing which increases the likelihood of players wanting to eat a full, healthy and nutritious meal. They are conveniently sized for easy storage and can even frozen." Working with the GN team to capture the players macro requirements, Marc was uniquely able to tailor his menu choices to the players specific macro needs to optimise their performance and fuel recovery.

The Importance of Recovery

Studies show that muscle fibres are depleted of glycogen during a 90 minute match(1). Therefore, immediately after training or matches, it is critical for players to eat a combination of carbohydrates (to restore energy), protein (to assist muscle tissue repair and adaptation), and vegetables (to supply the body with necessary nutrients) that best support the replacement of what is lost during practice or competition. With an average calorie expenditure of around 1700kcal/game, and full replenishment of energy stores taking anywhere from 48-72 hours(2), the earlier the recovery process can begin the better. Yet, the practicality of implementing such strategies can often be challenged by being on the road or having insufficient facilities. Enter GN Freshly Prepared Macro Meals... Marc said: “Meal portions can be adjusted based on calorific needs and training volume, while the transparent ingredient profile means those with certain nutritional deficiencies or intolerances can be accounted for. GoNutrition has become an integral part of our player support programme.”

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