Eating Mindfully - Benefits and How-to

Scott Edmed

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

The whole ethos of mindful eating is to encourage you to live in the moment and enjoy your food helping you to stay health and reach your goals. How often have you sat down to watch tv with a big bag of crisps and after an hour the bag is empty? You have managed to eat an entire day worth of calories without even knowing it. Or how many times did you continue to eat something after you were full, simply because it was there? I know those moments form a personal experience. Have you even been 3/4 of the way through a meal, painfully aware of your fullness cues, but for whatever reason you find yourself unable to stop? Much of your eating behaviour is determined by food cues small triggers in your environment that tell you to eat more or less. When ever we eat we should be asking ourself “Am I hungry?” You are then able to observe your thoughts and choose how you will respond. Instead of reacting mindlessly and just eating anything. That is how mindful eating can aid you with dieting and fat loss as it helps you to break old habitual eating which were putting you into a calorie surplus. You can learn to eat mindfully and still enjoy your food while enjoying a healthy body. You can learn to stop mindlessly over consuming by consistently practising mindful eating strategies that prove successful for you. We should be listen to your body’s satiety signals, helping you not to over eat. The following are some strategies for helping you to improve your mindful eating and allow you to ask yourself “Am I hungry?’
  1. Sit down to eat.
  2. No TV, phones or laptops as you eat.
  3. Take your time to enjoy your food, the smell, the texture and the taste.
  4. Enjoy your company.
  5. Use smaller plates encouraging more reasonable portions.
  6. Chew each mouthful 10 times for example, therefore allowing your body time to register when you are satiated.
  7. Pay attention to how every bite makes you feel, and stop eating once the bites don’t taste as amazing as the first.
  8. Do not eat straight out of the packet or fridge!
  9. Engage in some conversation.
  10. Put your fork down between mouthfuls.
  11. Get a doggy bag when eating out straight away. Immediately-before eating-place half your meal inside.
  12. Drink it up lots of water.

The Benefits of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is much more than just eating slowly, without distraction. It's being aware of physical and emotional cues of fullness, learning to meet your bodies nutritional needs, eating food for both enjoyment and nourishment and then using eating for satiety. People who are able to notice and understand food cues that help them stop eating or eat less generally have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight. (1-3)

The benefits of eating mindfully -

  1. You learn to eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re sated.
  2. You learn to really enjoy the taste.
  3. You slowly start certain foods aren't as tasty as you thought.
  4. You lose weight if you’re overweight.
  5. Social overeating at buffets can become less of a problem.
  6. You learn how food affects your mood and energy throughout the day.
  7. You learn what food best fuel your training.

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