The Facts About Whey Concentrate Protein

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The Facts About Whey Concentrate Protein|Whey concentrate protein emerges during cheese production

The Facts About Whey Concentrate Protein|Whey concentrate protein emerges during cheese production

What is Whey Concentrate Protein?

Firstly, whey is the liquid bi-product that emerges during the production of cheese. Once water is entirely removed from the bi-product as well as the casein content being reduced, whey protein concentrate remains. Whey Concentrate Protein is a form of protein that contains a high concentration of protein, whilst also delivering an incredible amino acid profile, including vital components to a healthy lifestyle such as BCAAs and glutamic acid. Whilst whey concentrate is less pure than Whey Protein Isolate, with whey concentrate containing 18g of Protein per 25g serving, compared to whey isolate which contains 22g of Protein per 25g, whey concentrate protein represents excellent value for money for all types of people seeking to get in shape.

When should I use whey concentrate protein?

For anyone seeking to take their physical training seriously, protein must form a crucial part of their diet regime. It helps to maintain, grow and repair muscle cells and this is essential to enable muscles to adapt to the requirements of weight training. Whey concentrate protein has an absorption time of 60-90 minutes. With the post work out window being generally agreed to last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. During this time, is where the most possible muscle tissue can be produced.  Within the post-workout phase, the body becomes more insulin-sensitive and as insulin helps to increase metabolic activity within the muscle, a post workout drink ensures the maximum amount of protein can get to the muscles and your body can start increasing muscular size. Therefore, Whey Concentrate can be regarded as being a useful way in which to increase recovery performance and this is particular important for those training. [caption id="attachment_3052" align="aligncenter" width="650" class=" "]Whey concentrate protein emerges during cheese production Whey concentrate protein emerges during cheese production[/caption] However, whey concentrate protein is also particularly beneficial when taken in the morning. With glycogen stores running low overnight, your body is forced to turn to amino acid stores in order for the usual metabolic processes to function properly. As a result of this your muscles are placed into a catabolic (or breakdown) state. As whey concentrate can be digested and absorbed quickly, it is perfect for when you wake up since it quickly delivers amino acids and BCAAs to your muscles and helps to counteract breakdown.  Many experts recommend using whey concentrate protein in the morning due to its impressive biological value and great amino acid profile which ultimately 'sets' you up for the day.

Does it help me to lose weight and get leaner?

Adding whey concentrate protein to your diet can help to kick start a weight loss program. This is because each serving (25g) contains little fat (1.2g) or carbohydrates (1.0g). Those that combine high sources of protein with exercise, naturally burn more calories than those that do exercise on a less protein rich diet. Whey concentrate protein is also proven to help manage weight by curbing hunger and creating a feeling of food satisfaction. In order to get lean, you must reduce body fat in order to acquire that lean, muscular look that many people desire to obtain through training. Whey concentrate protein is rich in leucine which plays a key role in protein synthesis, a process that burns through quite a few calories. By burning more calories, the results from exercise and training are obviously improved and therefore whey concentrate is a key component in the quest for the perfect lean body shape.

So is whey concentrate protein worth purchasing?

In terms of maximising the results of your workout, whey concentrate protein represents the best value for money product out there. Its fast absorption can also decrease muscle soreness and speed recovery up. This is likely to aid you in helping you to train harder during your next session and this is vital for those who take their training seriously. Whether you are an athlete, for example a Rugby Player or if you are simply an individual looking to gain confidence in your body through exercise, whey concentrate protein is a vital component to ensure maximum results and to ultimately improve your performance.

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