The first Go Whey Protein 80 reviews

Oliver Cookson


The first Go Whey Protein 80 reviews are amazing

I wanted to share some of the feedback with you we have received via our social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc). Please read a few of the comments from our first Go Whey Protein 80 reviews below: "Loved the flavours" "WOW! Tastes fantastic, mixed really well with no lumps. 10/10" "Possibly one of the nicest things I have ever eaten!" "Amazing... really, really nice" "Best I have tasted, rich, but just the right amount of sweetness" "Like no other protein I have ever tasted. Just sweet enough and the pancake flavour comes through a treat" "It really tastes like Turkish delight" "Unbelievable" "Spot on and very nice"

Whey protein sample packs still available

There has been a great response to our Go Whey Protein 80™ sample packs and we have sold hundreds to date with prospective customers buying more each day. We have decided to continue to sell the samples for the time being so its not too late to get your pack if you haven't already, just click here.

In other news

We are really ramping up now to launch which is a matter of weeks away. We are still working towards giving you a firm launch date in August, hopefully we can do that very soon. Happy training and speak soon. Thanks, Oliver

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