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GVT or German Volume Training is a way of shocking the body into making gains and is perfect for when you feel the workouts getting easier or you feel you have hit a plateau with your training. GVT is basically 10 sets of 10 reps done with minimal rest in between (60-90 seconds). This training method builds muscle but also torches far as 100 reps of anything is going to get the heart pumping and burn some pesky fat. The human body is amazing in how it can heal, grow and repair. But it also can hamper your training as it sees muscles being torn as a negative and if you continue to do the same workouts, rep ranges etc it will stop growing and you won't see the same gains as before. The only way to change this is a shock to the system by doing a different training type. GVT, supersets, drop sets, post, and pre-exhaust and good old matrix 21’s all spark muscle growth as your body is shocked by this new exercise regime Below are the cardinal rules of GVT  
  1. Exercise choice - pick a major exercise - if doing chest "bench press", legs "squats", back "pull-ups" - don't use a machine or a simple movement
  2. Stick to 10x10 - no skipping
  3. Combine muscle groups - Chest and Back, Legs and shoulders and biceps and triceps
  4. Weight choice – no heroes!!! If you can smash out 5 reps at 110kg on the bench, good for you but doing 10 sets of 10 with this weight is a no-no, choose 60-70% of your 1RM and only add weight when you easily do the full 10x10
  A good example of this is to do a chest press with a weight 60% of your max and do 10 sets of 10. The first few sets will be easy but remember you're doing 100 reps so it will burn and will break through the plateau and help grow your chest then throw in 3 sets of 10 dumbbells fly an afterward and your chest will be in piece's GVT can help build muscles as it is a different training type, and let's face it we all get bored with 3 sets of this. By doing 10x10, you're doing 100 reps and 100 reps of anything is going to be challenging. The beauty of GVT is that almost any exercise can be done. Squats, press-ups, lunges and chin ups you name it and it can be included in a GVT programme. It is always best to do big groups together like chest and back or Legs and shoulders with a set of GVT and a basic set of 3x10 to finish off the muscles. Below are some workout ideas combining big muscle groups   Workout 1
  1. Chest and back
  2. Decline Dumbbell press
  3. 10x10 - 90 seconds rest
  4. Chin up
  5. 10x10 – 90 seconds rest
  6. Incline Dumbbell fly
  7. 3x10
  8. Single arm row
  9. 3-10
  Workout 2
  1. Legs and shoulders
  2. Squats
  3. 10x10 - 90 seconds rest
  4. Seated shoulder press
  5. 10x10 - 90 seconds rest
  6. Leg curl's
  7. 3x10
  8. Seated lateral raises
  9. 3x10
  Workout 3
  1. Arms
  2. Rope push downs
  3. 10x10 - 90 seconds rest
  4. E-Z bar curl
  5. 10x10 - 90 seconds rest
  6. Single arm O/H extension
  7. 3x10
  8. Alternating bicep curl
  9. 3x10
  Give these workouts a go and let me know how you find them, I have used these myself and my upper chest especially has benefited from this as 100 incline chest press hurts especially when followed up with cable flies.

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