Give Your New Year's Resolutions A Makeover

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The New Year is a time for a new lease of life! You sense empowerment, motivation, new goals with an 'I can do this attitude' - that lasts for what.. 24 hours? Now that we're one week in I want you to ask yourself, have you stuck to your goals.. and if not, why? Let's look at the most common goals that people make and how you can make sure that you're smashing each one of them! Weight Loss


Gym Membership

The beginning of January is one of the busiest times for gyms with everyone having the same motive to get fit and improve their health. But how annoying is it when you go to the gym and every piece of equipment that you want to use is taken? For me, I tend to skip doing that particular exercise as I get too impatient to wait, practically sabotaging my own workout. Instead of joining the gym in January, why not wait until February until the gym is less busy? There are many great workout guides that you can pick up which enable you to exercise at home without equipment needed. It's just a thought right? Make sure you have the correct supplements needed to enhance your training performance, have you tried our Volt Preworkout


No More Alcohol

Why is it that when we try to cut alcohol we seem to be invited to more social occasions than ever? The solution is easy, drink in moderation. You don't need to go all out downing the pints, nor do you need to be drinking water, drooling at every cocktail that you see. Don't withdraw yourself of alcohol completely. Have one or two glasses of alcohol with a soft drink in between. That way you'll trick your mind into thinking that you're drinking more, and you'll still get the satisfaction of knowing that you're not depriving yourself.


More Sleep

We all tell ourselves that we'll get our full 8 hours of sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and that our nights will consist of staying away from our smart phones and relaxing before bed. Most of the time, this doesn't happen. We tell ourselves what time we need to be in bed by and what time we need to be awake, but really the body doesn't work like this. As crazy as this sounds, don't go to sleep until you feel tired. Whether that's 10pm or 1pm, I guarantee that you will have an improved nights sleep by sleeping when you need to instead of forcing it and laying there awake. But, you need to make sure that you don't oversleep, especially if you go to bed late and wake up feeling tired. You'll soon enough find yourself with a sleeping routine that suits your body clock by going to sleep and waking up at reasonable hours.


Healthier Eating

Please, let's just not even get into all these new health fads and detoxes. I'm telling you right now, that you can still lose weight, still eat clean and still improve your health even by eating junk food. Now, I'm not telling you to stuff your face, but you need to eat in moderation. When detoxing you withdraw your body from the nutrients that it actually needs. Many juicing diets involve excluding the skin of fruits which is what actually contains most of the antioxidants that you need to fight the free radicals. Why not eat clean for breakfast and lunch, then indulging in anything that you like for dinner? Or eat in moderation during the week whilst still having your favourite ice cream or cake for dessert? Healthier eating doesn't mean restriction, it just means getting the right balance.

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