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GN Protein Chocolate Mug Cake

  We all love cake here at GoNutrition so we thought we would share a GN Protein Mug cake recipe for you to make at home! A firm favourite for cake and dessert lovers. A perfect answer to your afternoon hunger, made in a matter of minutes!   Ingredients   Method
  • Combine and mix all of the above ingredients in a mug until smooth
  • Place in microwave and heat for under a minute, however, check after 20 seconds and then every 5/10 seconds until you have your desired consistency.
  • Add toppings e.g. some crushed oreo, fruit segments, grated chocolate or whatever your heart desires and enjoy!
  Macros below:
  • Calories - 245
  • Protein - 24g
  • Carbs - 16g
  • Fat - 9g
  Thanks to Tom Raikes for sharing this recipe!
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