Putting the finishing touches to the site...

Oliver Cookson

Just a quick note to say we our technical team are putting the finishing touches to the site and we are still on course to go live later today.

UPDATE 14:50: Still progressing, few minor delays due to technical issues.

UPDATE 17:00: Ooops! Couple of technical difficulties that the guys are working on. Still aiming to launch today, but will be in a short while! We want to ensure the site is fully tested and working before we "go live".

UPDATE 22:30: We're really sorry to keep you all waiting. We've been hard at work all day on the launch, but unfortunately some unforeseen technical issues have beaten us. We've just got a few things left to get working before we go live. We'll continue tomorrow and get it all up and running as soon as we can.

UPDATE 07:00: Again apologies. We are all back trying to iron the last few crinkles! We want to get this right. More of an update soon...

UPDATE 12:20: All is looking well. Into the final batch of deployment tests and barring nothing major comes out of this we will be LIVE soon!

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