GoNutrition launch date announced...

Oliver Cookson

I am happy too announce we will launching in August 2013. It feels like a long time away (believe me I want this live tomorrow), however I won't compromise on our offering to "get us out quick". It is only a few months and typically the next few months will fly-by as Summer fast approaches. Having said that, we are working long hours and if we can deliver before - we will! I would much prefer to under promise and over deliver than vice versa!

Why is taking so long?

As I said above we would prefer to take a little longer and get it absolutely right, rather than rush and let ourselves (and you) down. It will be worth the wait! Closer to the date we will be previewing our products and services along with sample giveaways.

Can you not give an absolute date?

We can't give an absolute  date yet, but as soon as we have one we will keep you updated.

Don’t forget to sign up...

Oh, before I forget, if you haven’t already please sign up to our newsletter (just your email address, only takes 20 seconds at most). If you register before launch you will also qualify for Early Register Benefits. Lastly (but, not least), thanks for all the fantastic support and kind words so far! We will doing everything we can to make sure its worth the wait. Thanks , Oliver.

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