GoNutrition production facility nears completion

Oliver Cookson



  I am delighted to say that the GoNutrition production facility is now 90% complete and will be completed within the next 10 days. Once completed we will start producing our launch range, including our pre-launch whey protein samples. We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into the facility to make it leading edge and future proofed for large volumes. We can build it modularly and increase the capacity without downtime. Obviously having our own state of the art production facility means we can ensure we focus on quality and the very best standards, which we demand as we accept no compromise on quality. 

Why transparency matters to GoNutrition

What is key for me as a business we are 100% transparent (without giving away any commercially sensitive information). As a consumer it would be very important for me to know where the protein shake I am consuming is made. What are the standards the company uses? What machinery? Do they work in a clean environment? If a company doesn't show you this I would certainly ask questions around what they may be hiding. GoNutrition blender room

High quality equipment and experienced staff

The Winkworth blender we have invested in is  renowned in the industry as the leading blender money can buy for quality and also mix rate. Powders mixed in the Winkworth will be mixed as well as they can be. Also it is much bigger than we need for day one. However, we can do big blends which saves a lot of time (all savings we can pass onto you). As you can see, we have invested in a fantastic production facility, which is also completely enclosed so we ensure no products are contaminated with foreign objects. GoNutrition's team in "production" (manager and operatives) are highly experienced and have worked in the sports nutrition industry for over years. They know the standards expected and can deliver.

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