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Grace's Top Tips if you’re new to the Running game.

Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s something I do every day and I can’t really imagine life without it. Early mornings in the sunshine, dark evenings after a long day of work, busy city streets and quiet country roads. Running can take you anywhere, at any time, with any emotion, which is quite a rare thing. As a person who has quite a few years of running experience under my belt, I have made the mistakes and learnt from them. I know that certainly, I still have more lessons to learn. That’s the thing about running. If you work with it, you learn some essential life lessons and grow into the person you aspire to be. Sometimes the lessons can be difficult, but you come out a stronger person. So what if you are new to running? I’m sure you have many questions.  What should I wear? What should I eat? How do I refuel? Well, here are my top 5 tips for the newcomers!!  
  1. Diet and Recovery
Physical exertion from training and a busy work lifestyle can deplete the body of nutrients and energy. If we do not refuel and recharge adequately, our bodies will be running on a lower level and are forced to find energy elsewhere. Over time, this will lead to the breakdown of tissues and in worst case scenarios, burnout, and injury. It is extremely important to fuel your body with nutrient dense food sources and supplements aiding in the recovery process and limiting the chance of injury occurrence. I like to take gonutrition Omega 3, ZMA and Whey protein to aid my body after each training session.
  1. Hydration
Running and sweating go hand in hand together and if you’re new to endurance running, one aspect to be on top of is your hydration levels. During running, your body can lose essential electrolytes and fluid levels, so it is very important to top them up after sessions. This will be beneficial for performance and health. If you are running for longer than 90 minutes, consider topping up hydration levels during your workout. I use the gonutrition Electrolyte Powder to keep my hydration levels topped.
  1. Find a running group
Having a running group or partner can make a huge difference to your running performance. Not only does it make the miles tick by, it also makes it easier to stay on pace during your easy runs and then push on during those harder sessions. Have a running partner also makes you more accountable. If you have agreed to that 7am run, there’s no snoozing that alarm button.
  1. Sleep
Sleep is an aspect which is vital for recovery and an area which we can all improve on (including me). Sleep provides your body with the time it requires to replenish what was utilised during daily activities. I use gonutrition ZMA to aid my recovery while I sleep. So if you’re coming home from the gym or track after a killer workout, get that nutrition in, be in bed early, and give your body the recovery it needs.
Lastly, the number one ingredient to your success in your new venture is enjoyment. Running can at times be a lonely sport, so your enjoyment and love of running are essential in your progression. Getting outdoors for an easy 5k with your running group during the summer months is fun and enjoyable. But it’s your love and dedication that get you out the door and into the rain on those dark winter nights. Yes, some days are hard and the work has to be done, but if you begin to fall out of love and loose enjoyment, it’s time to take a step back. Always maintain the reason why you started- because you enjoy it.   So, time to action all the above. Running should ALWAYS be benefiting your life on both a physical and mental level. Enjoy every step of the journey! Happy Running!   (A big thanks to our #gngang member Grace Lynch for writing this blog!)
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