Health Benefits of Egg Whites

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Whole eggs carry the burden of a bad reputation due to the yolk containing high amounts of fat and cholesterol. Using egg whites instead of whole eggs can combat these negatives and come with a whole range of health benefits, without adding a lot of calories to your diet. Here, we list some of the main benefits of consuming egg whites.

High in Protein

Egg whites are ranked right up there with chicken, fish and lean meat as one of the top sources of quality protein available. In fact, a single egg white offers 4g of protein and does not contain any of the yolk's fat and cholesterol. This is ideal as a low-fat protein source if you are on cutting diet in the lead up to summer.

Contains No Cholesterol

A single, whole egg is packed with nearly as much cholesterol as is recommended in a full day's worth of eating. The 213mg of cholesterol is all found within the yolk, therefore by consuming only the egg white, you're removing this detrimental element straight away. It is recommended that people suffering from health conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease should consume under 200 mg of cholesterol daily. Healthy individuals are recommended no more than 300mg of cholesterol during a full day.
  [caption id="attachment_5416" align="aligncenter" width="600"] GN Liquid Egg Whites are ideal for use in high protein recipes.[/caption]  

Low in Calories

One large whole egg contains around 71 calories, which isn't high to begin with, however with the removal of the yolk you are left with just 16 calories. This cuts out over 75% of the egg's total calorie content!

GoNutrition Liquid Egg Whites

To make your life easier, and to stop you needing to separate the white from the yolk, we recommend our Liquid Egg Whites. The benefits of our LEW are listed below.
  • Over 10g of highly bioavailable protein per 100ml
  • Zero fat and low in carbs
  • Long shelf-life and room temperature storage
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