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Perfect Shake|

Perfect Shake|

Let's get the formalities out of the way... Each shake will vary based on your goals.

Your perfect shake will differ from somebody else's and what goes in it is dictated by what you want to get out of your workout. This being said, below we are going to outline what we believe to be the perfect shakes so you can then pick which ingredients are best suited to your goals.

Starting with a Post-Workout Shake

  • 25g Whey Protein Powder - GN Whey Protein is loaded with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamic acid which are rapidly delivered to the target muscles where they quickly get to work to encourage muscle growth and repair through protein synthesis.
  • 50g Maltodextrin - Used to spike insulin levels, replenish glycogen stores and increase uptake of aminos.
  • 5g Glutamine - Help recovery and glycogen replenishment. Glutamine is currently receiving a huge amount of attention from the scientific community for it’s potential to aid muscular recovery and immune function.
  • 3g Leucine - Leucine plays a vital role in the development of lean muscle mass, repair and recovery post exercise. Arguably the most important amino for muscle development.

Take immediately after workout. Perfect Shake


Moving to the Pre-Workout Shake

  • 15g EAAs or Peptopro - Increase availability of essential aminos prior to training.
  • 5g Creatine Monohydrate - Creatine has been shown to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short term, high intensity exercise.
  • 2g Taurine - Supplementation with Taurine has been demonstrated to enhance strength and cardiovascular performance in both young and older populations.
  • 5g Beta Alanine - Daily supplementation with Beta Alanine has been shown to enable the body to perform at a higher intensity for longer and tolerate higher concentrations of lactic acid, thereby enhancing performance.
  • 200mg Caffeine - focus, intensity, power.
  • 30g Waxy Maize Starch - Very fast energy, spike in blood glucose levels. More can be taken if required.
Take 30 minutes prior to workout.  

Ending with the Night Time Shake

  • 30g Micellar Casein 85 - Very slow 'drip feeding' of protein overnight. Can help to keep the body from going into a catabolic state
  • 1g HMB - HMB is a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine and performs various functions within the body. Our pure HMB powder may help to prevent catabolism.
  • 5g Glutamine - Add this if it's been a particularly tough workout day to further help with recovery.
Take 30 - 45 minutes before bed.

Any questions? head over to GoNutrition and speak to one of our experts.

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