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The importance of goals for working out

I find it really helps when considering your overall goals if you're initially able to answer the question, what is my goal? Do you want to compete or perhaps add 20kg on to your bench press over a set period of time? Be as specific as you can! How many times a week can you train? From this you can determine your training split. In my experience, you want to be hitting a muscle group AT LEAST once a week. The next question you need to ask is when would you like to achieve your goal by? This will determine the number of phases your overall will consist of. From here, do you have a weak part you need to work on? Generally you'll want to hit these with more volume or with specific exercises! [caption id="attachment_3451" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Get your goals in line and then you know what you're looking to achieve Get your goals in line and then you know what you're looking to achieve[/caption] Then consider, what is your training environment? Be sure to plan your sessions so that you can actually perform them! Go check your gym outfits and take notes of what equipment it has. This will come in handy when that time comes to change things up. Choose a mixture of exercise or find an alternative if your present facility doesn't offer you what you need. Generally I choose one - two compound exercises and two - four isolation exercises for each muscle group. Sessions should normally start with compound movements and move into isolation work. Know your numbers, set rep ranges, numbers of sets and rest time. Which will be dependent on your goal. Plan your attack and once you have these basics set in stone you can then go far as you using EXCEL to plan your attack. Use each column as a new week and the rows as an experience - from there you can input plan your progression over the weeks. Alternatively there are mobile apps that can do this. Once and only once you've mastered being consistent with the above, then it's time to look at ways of upping the ante with instantly ramping plateau busting methods. As always, make sure you're using the best supplements!
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