The importance of non dairy protein supplements




Non dairy protein supplements are vital for people who are unable to consume dairy products but want to gain lean muscle. When one thinks of sports nutrition supplements, particularly protein powders, many people will immediately think of whey protein. Derived from liquid whey when milk is made into cheese, whey protein powder is low in fats and carbs and provides a broad range of all 20 amino acids. This makes whey protein a popular source for protein powder, but not everyone can consume protein derived from this source. Those who are vegans, lactose intolerant or don’t consume milk for religious or cultural reasons, will need to source their non-dairy protein supplements without the inclusion of whey. If you are only able to take non-dairy supplements, it can be disheartening to see how restricted the choice of products are that don’t contain whey, however any leading supplement brand will have a good range of non-dairy supplements to choose from.

Popular non dairy supplements

One of the popular non dairy supplements is soy protein. Derived from soy beans, a soy protein supplement is generally high in protein and like whey protein, has a very strong amino acid profile, chiefly high in arginine and glutamine. Because it has a similar amino acid profile to whey protein, it’s ideal for those cannot consume dairy protein supplements. Appealing also because it is one of the cheapest protein supplement powders outright, those using soy protein can also be assured that thanks to recent studies, the idea that soy protein increases oestrogen levels and decreases testosterone levels is just a myth. Another low cost option non dairy protein supplement is Brown Rice Protein. Unsurprisingly derived from brown rice, once again it is another high protein source per serving and crucially for those looking for lean muscle gains, is low in carbs and fat. It contains the nine essential amino acids and is ideal for those looking to fuel a plan aimed at lean muscle development physique. For those who cannot consume whey or soy sourced protein, this represents a viable alternative.

Non dairy protein supplements for the paleo diet

If you’re a follower of the paleo diet, then a paleo protein sourced supplement could be the ideal choice. Made from a blend of proteins, beef protein isolate and egg white protein, it takes advantage of the naturally high amino acid content from beef protein and high bioavailability - i.e. how easily your body can use it - of egg protein. Like soy, it is also low in fat and carbohydrates, making it a popular choice for those may be gluten or lactose intolerant, and can be used whether you are pursuing the paleo diet or not. Finally, a premium non dairy protein supplements option is egg white protein. Derived from pure egg whites, as the name suggests egg white protein comes without the yolk and so is low in fat and cholesterol yet full of amino acids and high quality protein. As previously mentioned, its bioavailability is a key advantage over other protein sources and as a slow release protein source versus whey, it gives your body a steady and sustained supply of protein. All of these non dairy supplements can support lean muscle goals when used in conjunction with a high quality clean diet and regular exercise. It’s important to realise that for whatever reason you cannot consume whey protein, there are a myriad alternatives available, all ready to help you build the body you desire.

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