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Interview: Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition Ambassador

Daniel Blackwell joined GoNutrition as a brand ambassador in October 2014. The Pulse sat down with Daniel to get a little more information on his career and background ...

The interview

How and why did you get into your current sport? Coming from a background of football I was always active. I love pushing myself and feeling good about myself. After multiple injuries I was always in and out the gym trying to strengthen my body to help recover from injuries. It came to a time when I had to knock football on the head and this is when I started training properly. The feeling was great, the pump, the adrenalin rush and I just fell in love with body building. Six years later I am still training and I have the same hunger and desire to be the best I can! [caption id="attachment_2753" align="alignnone" width="600"]Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition ambassador Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition ambassador[/caption] If you could give a beginner or your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be and why? I always say consistency is the key. Be consistent in your training and diet. It's the only was you will see results. You can't get anywhere half hearted these days as the standards are so high! What is your proudest sporting achievement? I've always wanted to be the best I can and I aim very high. Currently being an ambassador for GoNutrition is my greatest achievement as all I've ever wanted to become is the face of a brand and I'm very proud of that. I have also qualified for the British finals and the best of the best in the UKBFF federation. This is another great achievement for me - I have many more achievements that I am proud of but these are the main two!


What do you guys have planned for the next year? By next year I want to be more of an established fitness model. Being on the cover of more magazines would be a great achievement and I also want to represent Britain in the European championships. Together I know Ash and I can go viral as we are two ordinary lads that work hard and play hard! What are your long term goals? If I keep setting myself targets and hitting them I honestly think I will be one of the most established icons in fitness. I want to be represent a fitness based company, travel, promote and simply be the face of the company. What motivates you the most? I motivate myself. The fear of failure is so scary. I put pressure on myself to be the best I can. If I do the best I can nothing else matters. Why GoNutrition?


[caption id="attachment_2754" align="alignnone" width="600"]Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition ambassador Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition ambassador[/caption] GoNutrition is perfect for me, it's all about having the right people around you and those that share the same passion and enthusiasm about the brand as you do! This is how you move forward. I know that with GoNutrition and the experience they have this company will be world leading very soon. With me and Ash on board it's the start of a great team. The supplements also speak for themselves - high quality and taste great! What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? I don't ever take one piece of advice and think that's sufficient. I like to piece together lots of information and use it necessarily. What is the worst piece of advice you have ever been given? To get shredded, just eat one apple a day - that's it!

Personal lives - Daniel Blackwell

[caption id="attachment_2755" align="alignnone" width="640"]Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition ambassador Daniel Blackwell - GoNutrition ambassador[/caption] How long have you known each other and been training together? We met at school in year eight and ever since then we have been best friends. We started working out at the age of 17 we are now 23, so a few solid years of training and we are here today. What is the other’s worst habit? Our eating habits. We don't annoy each other in anyway! That's why our friendship is so strong. However when it comes to eating, we literally do not stop - even if we know it's wrong or bad for us at the time. What is your best workout song? I'm buzzing off Jess Glynn - right here at the moment that song gets me pumped! Any house music gets me going. What is your favourite cheat meal? Ok this is great.. I always love large dominos pizza, BBQ base. Hot and spicy. No peppers for sweet corn and no onion for tandoori chicken. Then half a tub of pralines and cream ice. The other half will go on a heated flap jack topped with heated Nutella and chocolate fudge sauce. I'll wash that down with tea and penguins and a bowl of kraves. If you were to audition for X-factor, what song would you sing and why? I'd sing Lethal B - Rari Workout. That song is so funny and it would be acceptable to take my top off in front of Cheryl. Finally, most importantly, boobs or bum kinda guy? I like a slim girl. Now to most lads they think I like too slim.. just be Russian and I'm in love. I'm too young to be fussy - a nice shape and small bum if I had to choose though!
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