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Interview: Imogen Parfitt - GoNutrition Ambassador

Imogen Parfitt joined GoNutrition as a brand ambassador in March 2015. The Pulse sat down with Imogen to get a little more information on her career and background …

How and why did you get into fitness?

I have been going to the gym for almost 4 years now but only been taking my weights training seriously for just under a year! Before that I used to run... A LOT. I would be in the gym every day on the treadmill for at least 45 minutes. I really wanted to try something different and challenge myself to do something new, so I slowly introduced weights training and have never looked back!

If you could give a beginner or your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

In terms of training - the one piece of advice I would give myself (and something that I now regularly tell others!) is not to care about what other people might think of you if you are training hard. No one walks out the gym looking as good as they did when they walked in. If you are pushing yourself in every session, you will sweat, you will probably grunt and it won't be pretty! But you are there for you - so show up, train hard and focus on yourself.

Which is your favourite part of your body and why?

Tough one! But oddly enough I really like my shoulders. Although it isn't my favourite work out I do enjoy the look of a good shoulder pump! [caption id="attachment_3792" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Imogen recently received her pro card... Imogen recently received her pro card...[/caption]

What do you have planned for 2015?

I won my Pro Card at Miami Pro Universe last year, and am now going to be competing in the Pro division at the Miami Pro World in April. I love competing, but my off season this time has been so brief. I will probably compete again towards the end of this year and spend the interim building some muscle so I can bring an even more impressive package to stage next time round. Long term competing dreams are WBFF.

What are your long term fitness goals?

Long term I would love to compete in WBFF. I love the glamour and the beauty of the competition and there is no denying the outstanding physiques that it brings to the stage. On a more personal and smaller scale, I set myself a goal at the start of this year to make sure that with every single session I was pushing myself. So far, so good!

What motivates you the most or do you have a particular piece motivational motto?

At the moment, my motivation is knowing that I have to step out on stage in front of thousands of people alongside other Pro Athletes; I want to earn my space there and I want to feel proud of the work I have put in to get into the Pro Division. Seeing progress also helps keep me focused, and I have an amazing coach who helps keep me motivated when I am feeling flat. Although people normally hate training in busy gyms, I love the buzz of other people around you working hard... I feed off that energy.

Which are your favourite GN products and why?

If I had to pick two, I would pick the Amino Go and the GN Whey Isolate 90. The Amino Go is essential for anyone who is doing intense training and if I ever forget to take it before or during a work out, I really know about it. The Whey Isolate 90 is another favourite because whilst on prep and when carbs are very low, I can have this to look forward to in loads of different, yummy flavours. It's great for those crucial stages of prep when the goal is to maintain lean muscle. [caption id="attachment_3795" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Imogen finds GN Whey Isolate 90 great for building lean muscle Imogen finds GN Whey Isolate 90 great for building lean muscle[/caption]

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

The best piece of advice I have ever been given about training is actually to close my eyes. Sometimes when you go for a work out, your head isn't always exactly where it needs to be, and you may be performing an exercise incorrectly or not to its full potential as a result. By closing your eyes and focusing on the muscle worked, it really helps ensure that I am getting the most out of my work out, and also that my form is good throughout.

What is the worst piece of advice you have ever been given?

I love this one - "Don't eat carbs after 4pm" or other crazy diet myths! Some of the things I used to believe make me laugh now. Carb cycling is one of the diet techniques that is most effective for my body type so I am glad I didn't pay attention to that little gem for too long!

What is your worst habit?

It is a gross one, but I am hoping that fellow gym goers can relate... picking at my calluses! I know! It's awful. But I have just got a pair of lifting gloves so I am starting to make a change!

What is your best workout song?

I don't think I have a specific song, however it always has to be something upbeat or (when I am lifting heavy) something like Slipknot.

What is your favourite cheat meal?

What kind of question is this?! How on EARTH am I meant to narrow down a world of delicious food into one cheat meal?! I will go with my gut instinct and say that it has to be a big, juicy, cheesy, bacony, beefy burger with chips, onion rings... the works!! But I do have such a sweet tooth and cookies are my vice. So if I was allowed something sweet in my cheat meal too I would more than likely buy a big packet of cookies and eat the whole lot. Maybe even two packets in a good sitting.

If you were to audition for X-factor, what song would you sing and why?

Sir Mix-a-lot - Baby got back. Because I like big butts and I cannot lie! [caption id="attachment_3799" align="aligncenter" width="600"]What will 2015 bring for Imogen? Stay tuned for the answer! What will 2015 bring for Imogen? Stay tuned for the answer![/caption] Follow Imogen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. [caption id="attachment_3789" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Imogen Parfitt - GoNutrition Ambassador Imogen Parfitt - GoNutrition Ambassador[/caption]
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