Intra-Workout - The Secret to New Gains?

Ash Goodwin

Intra workout

Intra workout

You will have heard of pre and post workout supplementation but it is surprising how many people will have never heard of an intra-workout supplement. Supplementation is tri-phased (pre-intra-post) workout, this is one of the reason’s why I always work my carbohydrate intake around my training. I for one am somebody who uses intra-workout supplementation. My preference is Workout Fuel Advanced Intra Workout Formula or a pack of jelly beans gulped down with my BCAA’sI am always eating/drinking in the gym. This often leads to confused and puppy dog-like side head stares from people working out. Following, I will receive comments like “how do you always look so lean when you are ALWAYS eating?” For many, their ultimate goal is to add lean muscle mass to their physique. I am going to explain why intra-workout supplementation could increase the efficiency in you reaching your goal.   What happens to your body during resistance training? When you do a resistance training session your body will eventually become depleted of all your glycogen stores (fuel). Once you run out of fuel, your body cannot perform at a high standard that you will have been doing for the previous 30-45 minutes. In relation, picture that stage of your workout – you’re exhausted and want to go home but, you still have 6 sets left to do. What has happened is that your body has gone into a catabolic state and you are starting to eat away at your muscles causing muscle degeneration.  
  • If muscle growth is your number one goal then an intra-workout supplement is key as this will help to prevent your body from going into a catabolic state.
  • If fat loss is your goal then an intra-workout is still helpful as this will again prevent muscle loss, when you have more muscle you burn more calories and in time you burn more fat.
  • If strength is your number one goal then intra-workout will support you by being able to lift heavier over a prolonged period of time and in doing so, increasing strength gains and keeping you out of a catabolic state.
  What should I take for my intra-workout supplementation? It is all tailored to your individual goals. I prefer to take Go Nutrition’s Advanced Intra- workout fuel on my resistance training days as the formula works for my goals in increasing my muscular size and strength. However, when I do cardio I prefer to just use Go Nutrition BCAA’s mixed with L-carnitine as this aids fat loss during a cardio session.    

FAQ about intra-workout supplementation

Here are some questions I regularly hear when people ask about Intra-Workouts.
  • Can I take it if I already use a pre-workout supplementation?
Yes intra workouts are designed to be compatible with pre workout supplementation. I would advise checking the nutritional labels if you have any concerns about mixing your products.
  • If I take BCAA’s can I use sweets as my fast release carbohydrate?
Yes, if you take BCAA’s and eat sweets during your training it will help to keep your body away from catabolism, however, buying a scientifically mixed intra-workout would always be my advice.
  • Will intra-workouts be beneficial to a bulk?
Yes most definitely, with the intra workout keeping you in an anabolic state your muscles will grow in size and strength as long as your nutrition and training are also on-point.
  • Will intra-workouts be good to increase my endurance?
Yes both cardio and muscular endurance in and outside of the gym.
  • Should I take an intra-workout supplement if I am dieting for a competition?
Yes, although it can be a 20-30g carb hit, the long term dieting affect will be preserving as much muscle mass as possible when you unveil your final stage ready physique.   Hopefully this opened your eyes to a new supplementation method which will help you get even more from your future workouts. If you have any more tips, just let us know in the comments below!

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