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Intra workout supplements are taken by a large number of people and are incredibly important to enhance your performance. We at GoNutrition are here to help you understand how intra workout supplements work Sports nutrition can seem a little overwhelming to a newcomer. Whether it’s the ingredients one should have in their shake, the recovery time you should have between sets or quite simply how many servings of recovery powder you should take per day, there’s a lot to take in. One common misunderstanding is that you can take a powder shake whenever you like and that as long as it enters your body at some stage during the day, it’s OK. Sadly this is not the case - otherwise we’d make something you could have all in one sitting! For a pre-workout supplement, such as Volt, the general rule is that you want to be taking this around half an hour before intensive exercise. Similarly, for a post workout recovery shake such as GN Whey Protein 80, this should be consumed within half an hour of your workout to allow the supplements to quickly reach your body and begin the recovery process. But did you know you can also take supplements during a workout?

Introducing intra workout supplements

The guidelines above for pre and post workout are based on supporting your body in those particular states, so it makes sense to also support your body during a workout - intra workout - to fend off fatigue and maximise your performance from start to finish. Using an advanced stimulant free intra workout supplement such as Amino Go, these intra workout supplements can be used to boost your speed, strength, endurance and power as well as keeping you hydrated and fueled throughout, far better to which than water could ever hope. Another key benefit to intra workout supplements is how they can prevent muscle protein breakdown. During intense training ‘micro tears’ occur in the muscle fibres which lead to the soreness experienced during and after training. The amino acids in intra workout supplements help to prevent this meaning you can train harder and recover quicker. Containing glutamine to help promote glycogen replenishment, taurine to increase blood flow to the muscles and beta alanine to buffer lactic acid and reduce muscular fatigue, these all work together to allow you to work harder and for longer. Not only will this allow you to lift heavier weights for longer, but it will put your body in a better starting position for when you reward it with your post workout shake. Intra workout supplements are a low cost way to complete the supplement support of the three stages of a workout - pre, intra and post. As leading intra workout supplements like Amino Go are low in carbs and sugars, they are ideal for use whether you’re looking to bulk up or pursue lean muscle goals.

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