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Today is a big day for us at GoNutrition® as we launch our long awaited range of nut butters. These aren't just any old nut butters; we're talking 100% natural with no added salt, sugar or palm oil. These nut butters are second to none in terms of taste and quality. Not only that, but they come by the kilo and at a great price too, says new product boffin Tommy Gaughan.

Why nut butters?

With so many supplements, protein shakes, bars and snacks available on the market today it is very easy to forget about real foods, but nut butters such as Peanut Butter and Almond Butter are a fantastic single ingredient food packed full of healthy nutrients which can support your diet and training.

Aren't nut butters bad for you?

Nut butters, and in particular Peanut Butter have a bad reputation, but this isn't because nut butter itself is bad. It's all the other junk that is usually found in nut butter which makes it unhealthy. Most nut butters on the market (think the American brands which you usually see on the supermarket shelf) are packed with added sugar, salt and palm oil which do make them terribly unhealthy, but nut butters themselves are actually good for you and packed full of essential nutrients. That's why GoNutrition's range of nut butters are all single ingredients butters, with no added sugars, salt or palm oil. We simply roast the nuts and then crush them down to make a delicious butter.

But I hear nut butters are high in calories?

Yes it's true that nut butters are calorie dense, but what is key to remember is that these are high quality nutrients, and incorporated in to the diet correctly they can really support your nutrition and training, regardless of your training goals - even fat loss. As a high energy snack, nut butter is a great choice before your workout to provide energy. It can easily be combined with fruits, such as bananas and apples, or it can be spread on bread and crackers to make a great pre-workout snack.

What about the fats?

Nut butters are a great source of healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats. These essential fatty acids can have a number of health benefits including supporting a healthy heart and lower cholesterol levels. Fatty acids are packed full of energy and when combined with the high protein and fibre found in nut butters can help you feel fuller for longer and support fat loss goals making them a great snack and alternative to sugary processed foods.

So how can nut butters benefit my training?

As well as being a fantastic energy source to help fuel your work out, nut butters are high in protein which is necessary to build and repair muscle. Not only this, but nut butters contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals which can also support training. Peanut Butter and Almond Butter are high in the antioxidant vitamin E which can prevent cell damage post workout to support recovery and positive training adaptations. They both also provide high levels of magnesium which can support energy metabolism, reduce fatigue, support muscle function and protein synthesis.

How do I use nut butter?

Nut butters are an extremely convenient and versatile food ingredient. Simply grab a spoon and eat straight from the tub, or spread on pretty much any food. You can have a great nutritious snack ready in seconds. You can also add to your shakes and smoothies and there are hundreds of healthy nut butter recipes to be found online.

What nut butters are available?

We currently have Peanut Butter available in both smooth and crunchy. Both are made from 100% roasted peanuts with nothing added or taken away. The only difference is the degree to which they are crushed. The smooth Peanut Butter is a smooth paste whilst the crunchy peanut butter will have crunchy peanut pieces. We also have smooth Almond Butter, which again is made from 100% roasted almonds with nothing added or taken away. Simply choose the nut butter to suit your taste.

Aren't nut butters expensive?

As far as whole foods go, nut butters are very reasonably priced. Our Peanut Butter is available for £5.99 for a kilo tub, whilst or Almond Butter is £10.99 for a kilo. Both offer extremely good value for money, just compare to the supermarket prices. To some up, nut butters are one of the best whole foods choices to support your training and diet. They are great tasting, cheap, satisfying and full of nutrients, so Go Nuts and add one to your basket today.

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