Introducing the SQ Pouch ™

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The GN ™ SQ Pouch ™

During my time at Myprotein ®, we were the first sports nutrition brand to completely replace the traditional plastic tubs with flexible pouches way back in around 2008. Still the same pouch is used today and very little has moved on in five years. As packaging is key for usability, and also showcases the brand aesthetically, I wanted to sit down with a blank piece of paper and try and evolve the pouch to something new, fresh and innovative, while not making it gimmicky or overly expensive. With that in mind I am proud to introduce the GoNutrition™ SQ Pouch ™, which is cutting edge packaging to support a cutting edge brand.

Eye catching look and feel

GoNutrition sports nutrition supplements First and foremost, we wanted to bring you a pouch that looks visually stunning. We chose bright, eye catching vibrant colours set against a carbon fibre background. Carbon fibre is synonymous with strength and athleticism and is a perfect fit with the GoNutrition™ brand. To further enhance the SQ Pouch ™, they have been coloured coded dependent on category. We will launch with 5 different categories in the range. We will have multiple sizes of each SQ Pouch™ in each category.

Next generation nutrition packaging

GoWellness Psyllium Husks After many years of working with “traditional pouches”, I wanted to use something different at GoNutrition™. With this in mind, we developed a square based pouch with side gussets. The square base provides extra stability, fits much better on your shelf and the side gussets help you identify the correct supplement from your cupboard shelf.

The side shot - industry-leading innovation

GoNutrition SQ Pouch side shot The side gusset has proved to be a very useful feature of the square based pouch. It has allowed us to add a unique and innovative transparent measuring strip complete with GN refill line™. We have also added a QR code that when scanned with your mobile device will take you straight to our website where you can place your next order.

Locked-in freshness

GoNutrition SQ Pouch zip lock As a user of supplements myself, I know how important it is that they are kept fresh. Like a few other pouches, the SQ Pouch™ is foiled lined but where we have gone one step further than the rest, is on the seal. Our largest SQ  Pouch™ comes complete with a zip-lock seal that literally locks the freshness in without ever having any issues in re-sealing. To try and fix this long standing issue our smaller pouches come with the latest and improved press seal available.

Free scoop with every SQ Pouch™

GoNutrition measuring scoop As standard we will include a FREE scoop in all SQ Pouches™. I know that there is nothing worse than eagerly opening up a new supplement only to find that a scoop hasn’t been included. With this in mind, every GoNutrition™ powdered product will come complete with a FREE measuring scoop for total convenience.

More details coming soon

I hope you guys like the packaging as much as we do! Please do let us know your thoughts. As launch date fast approaches more details will be coming thick and fast and more detail around the all important products and pricing. We know packaging isn't why you buy the product, but we hope this again demonstrates we have improved all elements of the business and really going to set a new trend in nutrition. If you haven't already please don't forget to pre-register.

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