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Perfect Protein Shake

Perfect Protein Shake

Linford Dash is a 23 year old Logistics Manager in Walsall who also runs a circuit class once a a week to assist people in improving their lifestyle:
"I've been a dedicated gym goer since I was 15, in this time I have matured not just physically but mentally also. My knowledge about fitness and the media are increasing daily. I know what inspires people and I believe with my skills and talents I can inspire others. There are not many "Body Builder Wannabes" these days. I believe that people want on the majority want to look beach ready and have that fitness physique all year round. That is not something I struggle with, I remain constantly ripped all year round as that is how I have always trained.
Also I'm different because of my 'gymnastics and martial arts background' and now I'm doing a lot more of the callisthenic training (e,g planch, flags etc). The thing is with me, I am not the same as everyone else, I am unique and I am different. I take inspiration from all sorts of people, but I never copy what they do, as that's just shameful and embarrassing.
I would be proud to become part of teamGN, I would dedicate more time to selling and promoting and being able to become part of the team should mean my following will increase which means more people will get to hear about you. I have enjoyed this trial run and I hope I have proven I am a good asset for your company."

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