5 Easy Ways To Shift Your Winter Weight

Emily Singer

5 Easy Ways To Shift Your Winter Weight

5 Easy Ways To Shift Your Winter Weight

Yeah we know it's still Winter, but we’re already thinking about that Summer body, with just a little over 4 months until the season starts... The healthier choice is to begin with smaller changes over a a gradual period of time, rather than following a fad diet from Instagram. So where do we start?

1. Cut down on alcohol

Now that dry January is over I'm sure that many of you will have one or two boozy nights planned ahead! But hey, you've deserved it, who are we to judge? Instead of the regular beer or wine, try and opt for a less calorific spirit based drink such as Gin & Tonic or Vodka Lime & Soda. Stay clear of any mixers that are high in sugar such as coke, lemonade or red bull, as these hold the most calories than the spirits themselves. The morning after... wake up refreshed with our Coconut Water Powder and refuel your electrolytes.

2. Switch up your cardio

Let's face it, the majority of us find cardio dull. However, we need it now more than ever after all of those mince pies. It's really important to have a goal whilst you're working out to remind yourself why you're doing it, otherwise you'll get bored easily. So ensure that you switch up your training from time to time. Why not find a second hobby that includes cardio so that it doesn't actually feel like a workout? Here's some examples:
  • Walking your dog
  • Swimming
  • Playing a sport
  • Zumba class
  • Wii Fit Step Dance
Boost your energy with our Caffeine 200 tablets!

3. Change your diet

We're not saying you must go on a diet, all we're suggesting is that you consciously think about what you're consuming. Instead of eating clean during the week and cheating at the weekends (which most likely ends up in binge eating) - what about the 3/4 diet? This diet consists of eating healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner - then eating whatever you want for dessert. Or you can swap it up, eat whatever you want for breakfast, then have a clean lunch, dinner and dessert. This way you have more control of what you're eating without following strict guidelines. Have you tried our Gourmet Prepped Macro Meals?

4. Keep a food diary

Most of the time we forget half of the foods that we eat, and it can be quite surprising reading back to see what you've eaten. You will notice patterns of the type of foods that you eat and at what times. For example you may regularly crave sugar at a certain time or after a workout, this will pinpoint your cravings and enable you to find an alternative substitute for sweet healthy foods such as raspberries or a glucose gel. Dried apricots are sweet and a great source of potassium and fibre.

5. Don't step on the scales

Using the scales can be very disheartening and quite inaccurate. The scales don't determine what's muscle and what's fat, instead they calculate your body weight as a whole. Using a tape measure will allow for you to see where specifically weight is being lost and will give you an incentive to work harder. For example, you may be losing weight quicker on your stomach than on your arms. For this you can up your weight training sessions on your biceps and triceps, hitting the areas needed the most. Stay fueled with our Volt Pre Workout - for energy, focus and muscular pump.

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