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From MyProtein to GoNutrition

First of all a big thanks for coming to have a look at our blog. I hope it will be an interesting read for you. Anyway, I best introduce myself... My name is Oliver Cookson and I am best known as the Founder of Myprotein ®. I founded Myprotein ® in 2004 and grew the business from my bedroom to become the largest sports nutrition brand in the UK. I decided to sell "my baby" in 2011 (I will blog about why I sold the business another time). After taking a year or so out of the sports nutrition sector I have decided to launch a new brand called GoNutrition.com™, which I believe is going to take sports nutrition to the next level. Why will it it take it to the next level I hear you ask? Well, I will be drip feeding all of the different elements that I believe will make GoNutrition™ the go-to destination for all your nutritional needs on this blog over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

Why sports nutrition again after Myprotein ®?

I have been asked many times already why I am launching another business in sports nutrition after Myprotein ®. Well the answer is very simple. I am still extremely passionate about the industry and, I will admit it, I miss it. I honestly didn't think I would, but I guess hindsight is a wonderful tool. I miss working with all the great suppliers, I miss talking to our customers on a daily basis, I miss pushing the boundaries in sports nutrition and evolving the market so the consumer constantly gets a better deal. Also, I see it as a "personal challenge" to myself testing on how to keep evolving in this very competitive industry. Finally, and certainly not least I love training and everything about working out at the gym. I have been going to the gym regularly for 18 years so I know my way around the racks and weights and not just a business plan. I believe to be successful in something you need to be totally passionate about it; you can't train passion. I know it won’t be easy, but I truly believe in our new brand and concept and with a great team behind me I am confident we can be a force to be reckoned with in the space. I am 100% totally committed to making this work. I will post again later this week. I look forward to speaking to you all soon. Cheers, Oliver
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